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wilson amplifiers is proud to provide complete cell booster installation services in Austin TX.

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Cell Booster Installer in Austin, Texas

Austin is the capital city of Texas and one of the most populated cities in the United States, with dense buildings, heavy traffic, and city sprawl causing trouble for carriers looking to cover the city with strong, consistent cellular signal. The city has a land area of 251.5 square miles and an elevation of approximately 501 feet above sea level, with the eastern area being mostly flat, and the west being more hilly. With such diverse terrain, all kinds of conditions for weak signals can and do frequently surface.

Different factors could be affecting the quality of your cell signal. Some of them include the exact location you live at, or how far the nearest cell tower is. Sometimes even the structural materials present in your house or building. Bottom line: a mix of building material, topography, among others, can combine to close down 4G, LTE, and 3G signals, causing deficient data speeds and lousy reception.

Residential Cell Booster Installation Services in Austin

weBoost Home Complete
weBoost Installed Home Complete - 474445

Most powerful signal booster for medium-to-large homes. Professional Installation Includes via Ontech.

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Whether your company situated downtown Austin, in the suburbs, or by the highway, Wilson Amplifiers supplies complete cell phone signal booster installation. Our accredited cell booster installers can design, install, and integrate commercial cellular boosters, public safety BDAs(bi-directional amplifiers), small cell, and DAS (distributed antenna systems) anywhere in Austin.

If you want great cell signal inside your home without the hassle of self-installation, we offer a fully installed option directly to your front door! The weBoost Installed Home Completed is our most powerful cellular booster for large homes with strong outside cell signal or mid-size homes with weak outside cell signal. It's also the only weBoost home amplifier that includes a professional installation. Upon receiving the Installed Home Complete, schedule your FREE installation, and Ontech Smart Services, our trusted installation partner, will provide a quality, hassle-free installation at your convenience anywhere in Austin.

For residential signal boosters who don't include a professional installation or those who already own a signal booster, we highly recommend the Bolton Technical Install Pro Team to find trusted, certified installers near you.

Commercial Cell Booster Installation Services in Austin

Wilson Amplifiers offers complete turnkey commercial cellular booster, public safety BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier), and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) installations for commercial buildings of any size throughout Austin, including warehouses, high-rises, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc. After discussing your signal needs, a thorough floor plan analysis, and a custom system design, our certified installers will deploy your unique solution, ensuring maximum amplification power and coverage where you need it most.

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For a professional out-of-the-box commercial signal booster installation, the weBoost for Business Office 200 Installed is what you need. It's designed for small-to-medium business buildings and can cover up to 35,000 sq ft under perfect conditions. Our trusted installation partner, Ontech Smart Services, will provide a pain-free commercial installation in virtually every zip code in Austin. They will analyze your signal needs and signal quality for optimal placement and results.

weBoost Office 200 installed
weBoost for Business Office 200 Installed - 473047

Pro-grade booster for small-to-medium business buildings. Professional Installation Includes via Ontech

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Our Recent Design & Installation Work

Customer Gary Holler
The improvement we saw was dramatic. We did walk and I was amazed at how much better the signal reading was throughout the area.
Gary Holler, Project Manager
IKEA - Baytown, TX
Ikea Warehouse


Patients, staff, physicians and executives regularly missed calls and text messages, adversely affecting their ability to provide best in class patient care. We designed and installed the necessary solution to provide the necessary coverage needed to conduct patient care and administrative functions in their building.


Emergency Nuclear, Operating Center, TX

In emergency situations, local and federal government agencies gather to keep a close eye on the plant's operations. During these tense times, cellular coverage is absolutely critical. Wilson Amplfiers exceeded the organization’s expectations for coverage throughout the facility.

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A handful of Blue Bell locations - including the main headquarters - were challenged with cell reception. Through careful design and system implementation, employees and guests now have reliable coverage where it did not exist before.

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Our cutting-edge solutions and capable installation team helped improve in-building coverage at several branch locations in Louisiana. Customers' safety and employees' safety are top priorities, we helped ease some of Coastal's safety concerns.

Coastal Bank
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