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Stamped Yagi Antenna for 850MHz, 50ohm - 301129

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Specialized 850MHz uni-directional outdoor antenna mounted outside to communicate with the cellular tower





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This item has been discontinued.

The Wilson's 301129 Yagi outside antenna improves signal transmission between your Wilson amplifier and your nearest cellular signal tower featuring up to 10 dB of gain.  It is designed for fixed installations and should be pointing towards the nearest cellular signal tower.  NOTE: Yagi antennas will only work in straight land and line of sight situations. They will not work in mountainous areas, since they have to be pointed towards the cell tower on a straight line without anything else in the middle.  This antenna is optimized for the iDen frequencies (Nextel, Mike, Southern Linc).


  • Installed outside of a building, pointing towards the nearest cellular signal tower
  • Works with 50 Ohm amplifiers and accessories
  • Supports all carriers transmitting at the following frequency bands:
    • 700-800 MHz, -0.9 dBi Gain
    • 824-894 MHz, 10.1 dBi Gain
    • 880-960 MHz, -7.9 dBi Gain
    • 1710-1880 MHz, -10.3 dBi Gain
    • 1850-1990 MHz, -11.9 dBi Gain
    • 2110-2170 MHz, -8.7 dBi Gain
Package Includes:
  • Wilson 301129 Outside Building Yagi Antenna w/ N-Female Connector
  • Mounting Hardware
Product Features:
  • Directional antenna
  • Pipe mounting hardware included
  • Fixed installations

Technical Specifications

Frequency  824-894 MHz
700-800 MHz Gain  −0.9 dBi 
824-894 MHz Gain  10.1 dBi
880-960 MHz Gain  −7.9 dBi
1710-1880 MHz Gain        −10.3 dBi
1850-1990 MHz Gain  −11.9 dBi
2110-2170 MHz Gain  −8.7 dBi
Impedance  50 Ohms
Max Power     10 Watts 
Radiation  Directional
Polarization  Vertical
Number of Elements  5
Connector  N-Female
Material  Aluminum 
Mount  Mounts on pipe with 0.5 - 1.5 in diameter     
Length 14.4 inches / 37 cm (with mount) 
Weight  2.9 oz / 0.081 kg. (with mount)
Wind Surface Area  < 100 cm²
Brackets  Max OD 2 inches
Documentation  Installation Guide












Mount the antenna in the vertical position in an elevated and unobstructed place such as roof or high outside wall, away from other antennas, glass windows, and metal objects. Antenna should be as high and unobstructed as possible. Locating your nearby cellular tower used by your carrier and moving/directing your antenna towards it is very important for optimal installation of any outdoor antennas in a line-of-sight with the tower. Follow antenna-specific installations instructions for details.

Always choose a wide-band or multi-band antenna if unsure of your local carrier voice or data frequencies. The single-band and narrow-band antennas are meant for specialized installations targeting select cellular signal frequencies.

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