Wilson 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna 50 Ohm - 314401
Wilson 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna 50 Ohm
Model: #314401Wide-bandSMA-MaleOmni-directional

Wilson 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna 50 Ohm - 314401

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  • Vehicle interior antenna
  • Works with all 50 Ohm signal boosters
  • ¬∑ Rugged and waterproof for all weather operation IP69K rated
  • High efficiency and compact design
  • Up to +5.1 dB gain
  • LMR® is a registered trademark of Times Microwave Systems

Product Details

Wilson 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna 50 Ohm

No more annoying dropped calls, poor call quality & slow Internet!

The weBoost 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna connects directly to all weBoost multi-user mobile boosters for in-vehicle use.

  • Vehicle interior antenna.
  • Works on all cellular bands for voice and 4G data: LTE/CDMA/GSM/UMTS/AWS
  • Mountable to any non-metal surface.
  • High efficiency and compact design
  • Up to +5.1 dB gain.

The weBoost 314401 4G Slim Low-Profile Antenna compact design makes it simpler to install, while giving you improved performance over previous models. When connected to any weBoost multi-user cellular booster, this antenna provides enhanced reception of calls, texts and data to the booster, providing superior performance when connected in your car, truck or SUV. Installation is simple: place the antenna vertically or horizontally and you’ll still get optimal performance. This antenna will work with any weBoost multi-user vehicle boosters, including the Drive 4G-X, Drive 4G-X OTR, Drive 4G-M, Drive 3G-X and Drive 3G-M.

Goodbye, no-signal frustrations.

What's included in the kit?

Each kit comes with everything you need for a complete installation.

Low Profile Antenna
4G Low Profile Antenna with LMR® 100 Equivalent CableItem # 314401
Mounting Hardware
Adhesive Strip and Alcohol Wipe

Product Specifications

The Wilson 4G Low Profile Antenna is a simple, effective solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, etc - in your vehicle.

FREQUENCY 698-960 MHz: 2.3 dB;
1710-2170 MHz: 2.5 dB;
2500-2700 MHz: 5.1 dB;
COAX CABLE 10 Feet LMR® 100 Equivalent(3.05 m)
MOUNT Velcro / Adhesive
DIMENSIONS 3.2 x 1.4 x 0.5 in / 83 x 35 x 13.3 cm
314401 Spec Sheet314401 4G Low Profile Antenna Specifications Sheet (PDF)

Installation Instructions: Videos

Install Signal Booster in a Car

Install The Signal Booster In a Car

Install Signal Booster in a Truck

Install The Signal Booster In a Truck

Install Signal Booster in a RV

Install The Signal Booster In a RV

Install Signal Booster in a SUV or Minivan

Install The Signal Booster In a SUV or Minivan


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