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Wilson 311135 Inside Wall Mount Panel Antenna Multi band- main
Wilson 50 Ohm (698-2700) Indoor Panel Antenna - 311135
(You save $9.96 )

Wilson 50 Ohm (698-2700) Indoor Panel Antenna - 311135

(You save $9.96 )
Wilson 311135 Inside Wall Mount Panel Antenna Multi band- main
  • Indoor directional 4G Antenna
  • Easy installation
  • Most popular in-building antenna
  • 50-Ohm variants
  • Up to +10.6 dB gain

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About Wilson 50 Ohm (698-2700) Indoor Panel Antenna

Most signal boosters are kitted with panel antennas. They are wall-mounted and send signals in a directional cone ranging from 45 to 70 degrees. Having such a narrow focus allows for stronger signal at the source (i.e. the closer to the panel antenna, the better the signal).

On average, they give 75 feet of coverage. This varies depending on how strong the outside signal is. If there is strong signal outside, there will be more coverage. Weak signal areas will get less.

Be sure to purchase panel antennas with the correct ohmage for your system. Each of these panel antennas comes with a wall mount for easy installation.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-568-2723 for help choosing or for free advice.

Technical Specifications

FREQUENCY 700-800 MHz : 5.2 dBi
824-894 MHz : 4.4 dBi
880-960 MHz : 4.2 dBi
1710-1880 MHz : 10.1 dBi
1850-1990 MHz : 10.6 dBi
2110-2170 MHz : 8.2 dBi
RADIATION Directional
IMPEDANCE 50 / 75 Ohms
MAX POWER 50 Watts
MOUNTS Mounts on pipe 0.5-1.5 inches in diameter
CONNECTORS N-Female / F-Female

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