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Wilson 811225 DataPro Direct Connection M2M 12 dB Signal Booster (CDMA) (AC/DC CLA Power Supply)





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Friendly Wilson Amplifiers MessageThis item is discontinued because it's been replaced by the new and improved Wilson 460109 Signal 3G.

The Wilson 811225 DataPro Dual-Band CDMA Cell Phone Signal Booster with the AC/DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter is a robust Direct Connect device specifically designed for Machine to Machine (M2M) applications.  This amplifier is encased in a compact, yet solid metal housing, making it suitable for installation not only in commercial environments, but also on Vending Machines and similar remote applications.  Easily connects to CDMA modems to provide reliable cellular reception in weak signal areas to ensure successful M2M data transfer - a crucial component in many applications.  This inline booster pairs with a variety of Wilson outside antennas (sold separately) to provide signal enhancement required due to distance to cell site and obstructions like brick, steel, trees or hills.  Works with all North American CDMA carriers.  This package includes an AC/DC adapter.  If a DC/DC Cigarette Lighter Adapter (CLA) is desired, please select the 811226 kit.

  • Designed specifically for M2M applications
  • Supports all North American CDMA carriers that transmit 824-894 and 1850-1990 MHz frequency bands only
  • Does not support Nextel/iDen, Verizon 4G LTE, and AT&T 4G LTE/AWS
  • Contact us before you purchase this item if you are unsure
Package Includes:
  • Wilson 811225 DataPro Direct Connection M2M SignalBooster
  • 5V AC/DC Power Supply
  • 6' RG174 Coaxial Cable

Product Features:

  • Bi-directional signal booster amplifies signal to and from cell site
  • Significantly improves data transfer rates
  • Reduces resending of data
  • Works with CDMA
  • Power control logic ensures maximum output power is within cellular network standards
  • FCC type accepted
  • Configurable to fit virtually any M2M installation


Technical Specifications

Frequency  824-894 MHz / 1850-1990 MHz
Gain  12 dB / 12 dB
Max Uplink Power  1400 mw / 1860 mw 
Max Downlink Power     0 dBm / 1 dBm
Noise Figure  3 dB nominal 
Flatness  ±3 dB
Isolation  >60 dB
Power Requirements  5 V DC, 1A
Connectors  SMA Female  
Dimensions  3.3 x 1.9 x 8 inches / 8.4 x 4.8 x 2.0 cm     
Weight  0.59 lbs / 0.27 kg
Documentation  Installation Guide














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M2M Signal Booster Overview (02:39)
Cellular machine-to-machine or M2M devices are everywhere. Fleet Telematics, remote monitoring and control, ATM's, vending machines and asset tracking are just a few examples. Cellular communications can be found in virtually any application where a machine or device communicates with another machine or computer.With the growing demand for M2M devices also comes the unique challenge of keeping these devices connected. Wilson Electronics products provide the solution. With a product from Wilson Electronics you will be able to retain a strong, reliable connection and keep your M2M devices connected in places you never could before.
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    Cellular machine-to-machine or M2M devices are everywhere. Fle...

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