Wilson Electronics Adapters

Wilson Electronics Adapters

In Stock: Ships today, if order is placed before 3pm cst
  • High-quality, low-loss adapters
  • Less than 0.1 dB of attenuation
  • Convert your cable, accessory, or device to a variety of other terminations
  • Wide variety for any need
  • For any major coaxial termination
In Stock: Ships today, if order is placed before 3pm cst
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Our Wide Variety of Wilson Coaxial Adapters Will Create All Sorts of Opportunities

Adapters allow two types of coaxial terminations to connect, and we have a wide variety to suit any need. These adapters are critical for customizing cable runs and allowing for compatibility between cable types. Each of our adapters gives less than 0.1 dB of attenuation, allowing for easy link budgeting.

The following are a list of the Wilson adapters we have available:

  • F-Male / N-Female (971151)
  • FME-Male / TNC-Male (971106)
  • N-Female / FME-Female (971107)
  • N-Female / FME-Male (971108)
  • SMA-Male / N-Male (971132)
  • SMA-Male / TNC-Male (971153)
  • F-Female / SMA-Male (971165)
  • FME-Female / UHF-Female (971103)
  • FME-Female / UHF-Male (971110)
  • FME-Male / SMA-Male (971119)
  • N-Female / SMA-Female (971157)
  • N-Female / SMA-Male (971156)
  • N-Male / F-Female (971128)

Make sure you verify your terminations before purchasing. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-568-2723!

Technical Specifications

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