Wilson Electronics Barrel Connectors
Wilson Electronics Barrel Connectors
$7.95 - $9.99

Wilson Electronics Barrel Connectors

$7.95 - $9.99
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  • Barrel connector
  • For extending runs of cable
  • Wide variety for any need
  • High quality, low-loss connector
  • Attenuates signal by 0.1 dB
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Our Wide Variety of Wilson Barrel Connectors Can Massively Extend Your Cable Runs

Barrel connectors allow extended cable runs across the same termination, and we have a wide variety to suit any need. These connectors are critical for customizing cable runs. Each of our connectors gives less than 0.1 dB of attenuation, allowing for easy link budgeting.

The following are a list of the Wilson barrel connectors we have available:

  • F-Female / F-Female (971129)
  • N-Male / N-Male (971148)
  • N-Female / N-Female (971117)

Make sure you verify your terminations before purchasing. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 1-800-568-2723!

Technical Specifications

CONNECTOR Depends on configuration

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