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Wilson Mobile 3G Cell Phone Booster Kit (Refurbished) - 460102R
Wilson Mobile 3G Cell Phone Booster Kit (Refurbished)
Item: #460102R3GFor vehicles with multiple users50 dB Gain
(You save $70.00 )

Wilson Mobile 3G Cell Phone Booster Kit (Refurbished) - 460102R

(You save $70.00 )
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  • Boosts Talk, Text and 3G Data
  • For cars, trucks, vans, RVs and boats
  • For multiple devices and users
  • Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers
  • Up to +50 dB Gain

Product Details

Wilson Mobile 3G Cell Phone Booster Kit Refurbished

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Say goodbye to dropped calls, poor call quality, and slow internet.

  • Factory certified refurbished signal booster with one-year manufacturer warranty
  • Boosts 3G signals in a vehicle(cars, trucks, RVs and boats)
  • For multiple users (up to 4 people)
  • Enhances talk, text, and basic 3G LTE internet
  • Works on ALL phones with ALL carriers indoors

Wilson 460102R Mobile 3G Amplifier Refurbished Kit is designed to increase cellular data (talk, texting, 2G, and 3G) in a vehicle such as car, truck, van, RV and boat, up to 50 dB gain for up to 4 users. This is FCC certified 2014 model, complete DIY kit.

All refurbished units are complete kits, tested to work properly, and are in like-new condition. In many cases, these are open-box and/or clearance items. Backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee & 1-Year Manufacturer's warranty. Same great performance at a deep discount.

PRODUCT Top 10 Benefits

Wilson 460102 Mobile 3G
  • 1 Eliminates Dropped Calls
  • 2 Crystal Clear Voice
  • 3 Quickly Delivered Text
  • 4 Faster Uploads & Downloads
  • 5 Reliable Connection
  • 6 Improved Reception
  • 7 Wider Coverage
  • 8 Reduced Dead Zones
  • 9 More Bars
  • 10 Longer Battery Life

Who is this for?

For multiple people on the road needing a reliable signal for talk & text and basic 3G internet. You can’t deal with another dropped call while driving. The person on the other line sounds like he's at the bottom of the ocean. Text messages get stuck and unsent.

With this signal booster, get better talk & text on the road. Perfect for people needing great voice quality and less dropped calls and stuck text messages.

You most likely use a bluetooth headset (if not, we include one as a limited-time gift), and you need all that precious signal strength for you and some family and friends. Get ready for dependable clear calls.

Which Carriers Does it Work for?

The Wilson Electronics 460102R Mobile 3G amplifies talk & text, and 3G cellular signal for all major carrier networks except WiMax and iDen.

  • All US carriers (4G LTE & 3G): AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Leap Wireless, C Spire, MetroPCS, etc.
  • All Canadian carriers (4G LTE & 3G): Rogers, Bell, Telus, Fido, etc.
  • Frequencies: 850 Mhz, 1900 Mhz.

How Does it Work?

It works by pulling in the existing weak signal with a 12-inch high-gain antenna, amplifying it multiple times with Wilson's patented SmarTech III technology, and then redirecting to your vehicle. Straight from the cell tower to your phone. It’s almost magic. For best coverage, it's best to keep your phone within 18 inches of the inside antenna.

how it works
  • 1
    Outside Antenna
    Pulls in Tower Signal
    outside antenna
  • 2
    Signal Booster
    Amplifies the Signal
    vehicle signal booster
  • 3
    Inside Antenna
    Re-broadcasts Signal
    inside antenna
  • 4
    Cell Phone
    Gets Boosted signal
    stronger signal

What’s Included In the Complete Kit?

Mobile 3G Cell Phone Booster Kit (Item # 460102R) Includes:

1 Drive 4G-M
Mobile 3G Cell Phone Amplifier/Repeater Item # 460002
2 301126 vehicle antenna
12 in Magnet Mount Antenna Item # 311125
3 301152 vehicle antenna
Low Profile Inside Antenna Item # 301152
4 859913 Power Supply
Power Supply Item # 859913
5 Guide
Installation Manual & Instructions Item # 460102

Coverage Area & Product Specifications

The Wilson Mobile 3G™ cellular signal booster is a simple, effective solution to maintain continuous communication for all cellular-enabled devices – smartphones, tablets, etc - in your car, truck, van, RV, or boat.

BAND 25/2
850 Mhz
1900 Mhz
MAX GAIN 50 decibels (dB)
POWER 6V DC, 0.5A - 1.5A
DIMENSIONS 6.2 x 3.6 x 1.3 in
WEIGHT 1.2 lbs (amplifier only)

Installation Instructions

The product is easy to install. Everything is included in the kit.

If you have questions or require assistance, please call our customer and tech support at 1-800-568-2723 or email at We will be happy to assist you in every step of the way.

Wilson Amplifiers provides a free service to help you along the way. Please check out our blog for more information.


Watch product info and how-to guides videos from our experts.

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