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Yagi Directional Antenna, Wide Band, 50ohm, N-Connector - 304411

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Wide band uni-directional outdoor antenna mounted outside to communicate with the cellular tower





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Wilson 304411 Outside Building Directional Antenna has been discontinued and replaced by the updated Wilson 314411 Wide Band Directional Antenna.

Mount antenna in the vertical position in an elevated and unobstructed place such as roof or high outside wall, away from other antennas, glass windows, and metal objects. Antenna should be as high and unobstructed as possible. Locating your nearby cellular tower used by your carrier and moving/directing your antenna towards it is very important for optimal installation of any outdoor antennas in a line-of-sight with the tower. Follow antenna-specific installations instructions for details.

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Wilson Signal Boosters Overview - How they work (01:59)
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  1. Remote cabin now has internet and voice service with the directional antenna ratings and reviews

    Posted by Ron - northern Ontario on 26th Sep 2013

    Tried a few antennas before this one and it was the only one to work. Cleared some branches from a tall tree, used an old satellite dish bracket, pointed it to the tower and presto I am in the digital age at a very remote location where there was little or no service - IE no bars, now have 4 bars continuously.

  2. Directional antenna ratings and reviews

    Posted by Joel, Green Bay, WI on 8th Aug 2013

    I just got back from my cottage in northern wisconsin where I installed this antenna. Because of my location, I often could not even get one "bar" on my cell phone. Using the sleek cradle and the included one db gain magnetic antenna moungted in a window I got 2 -3 bars. I mounted the Directional unit on the gable end of the cottage at its highest point and now reliably get 5 bars. I also purchased the needed coax cable, mounting pole, and connectors to fit the Sleek from Wisoon Amplifiers. The installation went seamlessly. I leave the Cell phone mounted in the cradle and I bluetooth the phone two two portable phones in the cottage. The Wilson products did exactly what they were advertised to do.

  3. Directional Antenna ratings and reviews

    Posted by Ed C on 27th Mar 2013

    Solves the problem of separation resulting from gain and feed backing antenna outside and inside which is inherent to Omni multi directional antennas.Facing antennas opposite directions does the trick to get maximum gains.

  4. Directional antenna ratings and reviews

    Posted by Larry on 20th Jul 2012

    I installed the antenna today along with the other equipment from Wilson and went from one bar or no bar to 4 bars. Antenna and amplifier work great. Thanks Wilson.

  5. Weak signal pickup ratings and reviews

    Posted by Palmetto Electric coop on 18th Jul 2012

    Works great in remote weak signal areas, from 0 bars to 2 or 3 bars.

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