Best WiFi Booster Apps for Android

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
17th Jun 2020

Improve your WiFi Connection

In this evolving digital era, cell phones have become a very important part of the human experience. Phones have come a long way from the times they were the size of a brick to modern day smartphones capable of competing with any computer. In order to completely take advantage of all the benefits smartphones have to offer, your WiFi connection has to have a strong signal. Smartphones with bad WiFi connection might as well be those old bricks. Good news – there are apps that’ll increase your WiFi signal strength, and let you get your money’s worth!

It’s important to note that the apps are not designed to replace a WiFi booster to help boost WiFi signal. They are designed to help you find workarounds by assessing available access points and selecting a less crowded WiFi router or WiFi channel to connect to. The apps will help you connect to a better network for much faster internet speed.

These apps are easily accessible through the Play Store. We will be talking about the best WiFi Booster apps designed to enhance your WiFi network signal strength.

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WiFi Router Booster:

Since there are so many people with WiFi routers, the area covered by WiFi often overlaps. These overlaps, combined with large numbers of people connecting to the routers can cause your internet speed to slow down. With this app, you’re able to improve your WiFi routers transmitting power.

  • WiFi Channel Analysis - Shows you different channels available to broadcast your WiFi signal and configure your connection to the best channel available with the least amount of overlap
  • Signal Priority Setting- Allows you to take priority over others trying to access the signal on the same channel

SuperWifi Wifi signal booster Speed Test & Manager:

The SuperWiFi application offers amazing features, including:

  • Internet speed test - Gives you fast and accurate results on the speed of the router you are connected to
  • Signal strength meter - Provides up-to-the-minute readings as to your connection strength
  • WiFi Extender - Allows your WiFi to reach further than it would otherwise

With these pieces of information, the app will help you find the least crowded channels for the router you are connected to and increase your speed.

Wi-Fi Overview 360:

Finding the best possible WiFi connection is no problem using the WiFi Overview app. It allows you to optimize and manage your WiFi connections.

  • Channel Radar - Shows you different channels available to optimize WiFi connection and connects you to the channel with the least amount of wireless networks
  • WiFi Scanner - Scans your environment to connect you to the best available WiFi connection
  • WiFi Sorting - Gives you detailed information related to the available WiFi connection, WiFi name, signal strength, channel number, encryption, and more.
  • WiFi Evaluation – Presented via a simple graphic, allowing you to choose the best internet connection in your area

Wi-Fi Analyzer:

The Wi-Fi Analyzer android application is particularly useful when you are using the internet in your home or in any public place.

  • WiFi Optimizer for Interference Issues - Search for the best WiFi connections to help decrease interference and increase connection speed and stability
  • Channel Analyzer - Helps you find the best channels to use in order to enhance the connection in your home, office, or in a public place

It is a great app to help you optimize your home WiFi performance as well as accessing the best WiFi available when constantly on the go.

All of these apps are available in the Google Play Store for free. You’ll never have to stress about not having reliable WiFi service anymore. When venturing to new destinations you will be able to use your maps without a worry. When you are shopping you will be able to pull up your coupons with ease and get that discount you deserve. Download a WiFi booster app for a stress-free wireless experience.

How Else Can I Speed Up My WiFi?

While Wifi boosters apps are great for increasing your WiFi connection, the strongest signal always comes from a cellular signal booster. Wilson Amplifiers is the leading provider of cell phone signal boosters, which capture your existing signal, amplify it, then re-broadcast it straight to your phone.

Our signal boosters work for all signals, all cell phones, and all carriers. From home, the office, vehicle, or your cellular hotspot — you won’t miss a single beat.

Skip the dropped calls, slow download speeds, and spotty coverage for the smooth, uninterrupted bliss of your very own boosted signal, courtesy of Wilson Amplifiers:

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