10th May 2013 /
by Wilson Amplifiers / Comments

Cradle vs Wired vs Wireless

For vehicle or small area such as a desktop, there are single-user or multi-user solutions. This capability of the cellular signal boosting solution is dependent on the interior antenna. For this type of set up, the three types of antennas available are wireless, wired and cradle. The first is a multi-user solution while the other two are single-user solutions. Wireless inside antennas broadcast the signal allowing for all devices in the general area to receive the boosted signal. Wired solutions include a wire which connects directly to the device (using a Velcro strip or a phone adapter). Cradle solutions are designed for phones and require that the phone is docked onto the cradle to receive the boosted signal (requires a Bluetooth device or Speakerphone for calls).

Multi-user (wireless) and single-user (wired and cradle) solutions both have their advantages. Wireless solutions provide for outstanding flexibility, freedom and convenience while wired and cradle solutions provide for superior strength of the system (as it allows to directly connecting the amplifier to the device delivering the boosted signal directly to the device and the device only).

For wireless interior antennas for a vehicle or small area, there are many specialized options. The most versatile is the 301127, commonly referred to as the Hershey Bar antenna. This 5in antenna mounts onto a dashboard or wall (for a small area or desktop setting) vertically using a strong 3M adhesive tape. It includes a 14ft RG174 coaxial cable with an FME-Female connector and it can be used in any vehicle or a small area setting. For a larger vehicle, there is the panel inside antenna. This type of antenna is designed for building settings but can be used for an RV, mobile home, EMS vehicle, boat or any other large vehicle setting. It is available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm varieties as well as with multiple mounting options. For vehicle and small area solutions however, recommended is the 50 Ohm panel interior antenna with wall mount (301135) and the 50 Ohm panel interior antenna with outdoor weatherproof pole mount for boats (304453). These antennas both utilize N-Female connectors. The MobilePro (801240 available in kits 801241 and 801242) is a wireless amplifier which has the 301127 inside antenna built in. This particular amplifier is very versatile as it can easily be moved between a vehicle and an indoor setting to a small area such as a desktop. The last wireless interior antenna is designed especially for a desktop type area. It is available in three varieties and is designed in such a way where it can sit on the corner of a desk and transmit the boosted signal throughout the desk. All three of these antennas include a 5ft RG174 coaxial cable and are 5.13in in length. The only difference between the three is the connectors. Options include the desktop inside antenna with FME-Female connector (301208), one with the TNC-Male connector (301209) and one with an SMA-Male connector (301210).

For wired interior antennas, the most popular is the Ultra Slim Antenna. This type of antenna plugs directly into an amplifier and attaches to a phone using Velcro (the phone is required to have a Velcro strip attached onto the back). This antenna is available in two varieties, both of which including a 14ft RG174 coaxial cable and the size is 3.25x1.5inch in length. The difference between the two is the connectors. The options include the 301143 with an FME-Female connector and the 301149 with an SMA-Male connector. Similar to the ultra slim antenna is the Universal Phone Connector (301140) with the difference being the much smaller as it is 1.25x0.75inch. Also for wired solutions, one option is to attach the phone directly onto the device using a phone adapter (LINK TO PHONE ADAPTERS ARTICLE). These adapters are mostly available for older devices and would plug in directly to the phone antenna connector. They are available in many varieties for different propriety antenna slots.

When it comes to cradle interior antennas, there are two types. The Cradle Plus and the Sleek. The difference between the two is that the Cradle Plus is only an interior antenna while the Sleek has an amplifier built-in. The Cradle Plus is available in two varieties, both of which 50 Ohms and includes a 7.5ft RG174 coaxial cable. The varieties are 301146 with an FME-Female connector and the 301148 with an SMA-Male connector. The Sleek on the other hand is available in 5 varieties, all of which utilize an SMA-Female connector to connect to an exterior antenna and all which come in a fully plug-and-play kit. All of the Sleeks are capable of enhancing the signal for the majority of North American 2G/3G signals (all except for those which utilize iDEN, AWS or WiMax technology), where they differ is in their ability to boost 4G LTE signals. There is the Sleek 815226 which does not boost any 4G signals, the Sleek 4G-V 815126 which is capable of boosting Verizon 4G, the Sleek 4G-A 815326 which is capable of boosting AT&T 4G, the Sleek 4G-C 812726F which is capable of boosting 4G signals for the majority of major Canadian networks and the Sleek 4G 813426 which is capable of boosting 4G LTE for all major North American carriers.