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Customer Story: Bill Sands & Little Wild Horse Canyon

Here's a great email we received from Bill Sands about his dire situation and how our powerful antenna helped him: 

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From: William Sands
Date: Sun, Oct 19, 2014 at 10:52 AM
Subject: Just a picture of your antenna
To: "sales@WilsonAmplifiers.com" < sales@wilsonamplifiers.com>

wilson antenna

Thought you might like to see your antenna on my truck. I have a prickly looking truck because of my ham radio and search and rescue experience. As cell phones take over most communications, I find that we still need backups. I can also tell you that your antenna saved my behind after a canyoneering trip in Southern Utah. I was hiking solo through a slot canyon called Little Wild Horse Canyon. 

The canyon was punctuated by beautiful sandstone and some pesky canyon pools. I waded through most, but the water is a reddish brown and the bottom is not visible. While "wading" I slipped off a ledge and went in up to my chest. I had tossed most of my gear to the other side of the pool, but forgot my keys. My Viper alarm system key fob was drenched. Finally, returning to my truck, I found that I could open the door with my key, but the alarm system could not be turned off. I drove many miles with the siren blaring. There is no cell coverage near Little Wild Horse, and the nearest town was over 100 miles. I drove to a high spot, and although my cell phone was useless, adding your antenna got me two bars.

I could call for help from someone at Viper to get the alarm turned off. It worked. I got to my daughter, she got me the phone number, and I was able to stop the siren. My ego and I limped home from there and I got the alarm system fixed, a new key fob, and a new respect for my cell phone and your antenna. Below is a picture from Little Wild Horse Canyon.

little wild horse canyon


Bill Sands


It's stories from people like Bill and you that make us very happy. We're out to provide solutions and that's what makes us tick. Yes, we're a business, but in the end, we can go to sleep at night knowing we're helping people and not just looking to sell boxes.

If you have a story to share, please do! We'd love to post your story and photos. Please email to james@wilsonamplifiers.com.