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20th Mar 2014 /

Effective Android Apps to Improve Wi-Fi Signals

Watching people deeply indulge in their cell phones is a common phenomenon these days. In contemporary society cell phone is a “Whole New World” for a modern individual. Most significantly this whole new magical world is comprised of numerous functions that effortlessly lure the people and then they automatically drown into the spellbinding pool of cell phones. Yes! Smartphones have everything for everyone as it fascinates Gaming addicts, Talkoholics, Music Crazies, Internet enthusiasts, and Aspiring photographers. You can find all you need in this tiny object; therefore without a Smartphone it’s hard to communicate, work and amuse yourselves. The most significant aspect of Smartphone is that you can use unlimited internet whenever and wherever you want. Furthermore, Latest Smartphones are more than just communicating tools they have several useful and handy apps for everyone.

But Smartphone with bad Wi-Fi connection is of no use, as you can not enjoy speedy downloading, Clear Voice and Video calls, Online gaming, Viewing videos and listening to your favorite songs etc. To save oneself from such hassles there are plethora of applications for Smartphones. All you need to do is to go on Google play store on your Smartphone and download top most applications that could easily enhance the Wi-Fi signals on your Smartphone. For useful information take a look in the article and find out that what are the most useful apps to boost the Wi-Fi signals for your cell phone to enjoy clear voice and video calls, fast downloading of your favorite videos, songs and the like.

But before reading about these apps you must know that how they work. You must be familiar with the Wi-Fi API’s, they are usually used to contact the down grade wireless device to supply their Wi-Fi signals and somewhat more. That includes all the data related to network like IP address, Settlement condition and Link Speed etc. These apps scans the Wi-Fi signals and efficiently chooses the best Wi-Fi network available.

Wi-Fi Booster Easy Connect: This Android application is very useful if you are on a go, for instance if you are in a mall or in some restaurant then Wi-Fi booster easy connect will seek for the best open Wi-Fi networks available at that time. All you need to do is to switch on the app and it will search out the best Wi-Fi connections at the current location and you can enjoy the speedy internet with full Wi-Fi signals. It offers other features as well like boosting network reception and locating network setup tower.

Wi-Fi Overview 360: If you download Wi-Fi overview 360 in your Smartphone then finding the best possible Wi-Fi connection is not going to be an issue. This app would optimize and manage your Wi-Fi connections through its channel radar and channel organizer. It will also give you the complete information related to the Wi-Fi internet connections available in your present location along with additional information like name, channel number, signal strength and encryption. It will also give you the complete indication that in what areas wireless connections are weak and strong. This evaluation of Wi-Fi signal strength is displayed through the graphical representation and with that you can easily choose the best internet connection available on your Smartphone. So if you want to enjoy fast internet connection with extra bars of Wi-Fi signals then download Wi-Fi overview 360.

Wi-Fi Analyzer: This android application is one of the most appropriate apps whether you are using internet at your home or in any public place. This smart app will not only search for the best Wi-Fi connections but also enhance the Wi-Fi signals at your home, office or in a public place. This application can also be used to evaluate that which places in your home are getting best Wi-Fi signals and which places require Wi-Fi signal booster devices. In a public place this app would efficiently select the best Wi-Fi connections for you and you would without any hassle know the best internet connection available at your current spot. All you have to do is to look in the channel graph to assess the finest Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Connect: Mostly Wi-Fi signal booster applications help you in evaluating that which wireless internet connection is most appropriate for you and at what spot it is getting the most Wi-Fi signals. But this application does everything for you, as it saves you from the hassle of selecting the Wi-Fi network and chooses the best possible connection by itself. It not only scans and selects the best possible Wi-Fi connections but also gives you the useful details regarding the best wireless internet connections available like, security type, signal strength, link speed, channel number, IP number, and the like.

So what are you waiting for just go to Google app store on your Smartphone and download these useful Wi-Fi signal booster and finder apps for free. Apart from above defined apps there are others like, Wi-Fi manager, Enabling Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi radar, Increase Wi-Fi speed booster, Android Wi-Fi booster, Wi-Fi + 3G booster, and more. 

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