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Residential & Small Building Solutions

When it comes to residential cellular signal boosting solutions, one component to consider is the cables. The most convenient type of cables is 75 Ohm RG-6 coaxial cables which utilize F connectors. The reason for this is because it is the type of cable which is used in the majority of households by satellite providers, cable television providers and cable internet providers. Due to the fact that it is so highly utilized, it is very easy to purchase in any local hardware store. Cables of this type are also sold in a low-loss variety. It is available in white in a 2ft variety (950602), 20ft variety (950620), 30ft variety (950630) and 50ft variety (950650).

In terms of signal boosters with F connectors, there are two amplifiers for three different settings. A signal boosting solution for a building setting (such as a residential building) involves three components and coaxial cables to connect them together. The first of these components is an outside antenna which pulls the cellular signal. This can be a single-directional (Yagi) antenna to be pointed in the direction of the nearest cellular tower and an Omni-directional antenna. The Yagi is recommended for areas of very poor cellular signal. The second of these components is an amplifier to enhance the signal. And the third of these components is an inside antenna to broadcast the signal within the building. Some solutions may involve multiple inside antennas to broadcast the signal to different areas within the building. All three of the amplifiers described in this article are available in fully plug-and-play kits. They are all capable of enhancing the signal for the majority of 2G/3G networks within North America (in fact, they can work for every provider in the United States except for those which utilize iDEN technology or the rare AWS band).

The most powerful boosters of this type are the AG Pro 70 (801265) and AG Pro 75 (801280). This solution is designed for very large houses and can also work for other large buildings such as office buildings or warehouses. It is available for purchase as an amplifier by itself or in a fully plug-and-play kit. The kit which it is available in is the Wilson 801265-BL. The kit includes the AG Pro 70, a very good Yagi outside antenna (304475) and one inside panel antenna which mounts onto a wall (301155) as well as coaxial cables to connect these components together.

The DB Pro (801262) is designed for medium-sized homes and buildings. It is Wilson Electronicsft most popular medium-sized home kit. It is available for purchase as an amplifier by itself or in two fully plug-and-play kits. These kits include the 841262 and 841263. Both of these kits include the DB Pro amplifier, an inside panel antenna which mounts onto a wall (301155) and coaxial cables to connect them together. Where they differ is in the outside antenna which is included. The first kit includes an Omni-directional antenna (301201) while the second kit includes a Yagi antenna (304475).

The last is the DT Desktop Signal Booster (801247). This particular amplifier is designed for a desktop setting. It is only available in a kit which is fully plug-and-play. This kit includes a highly versatile outside antenna (301141) which can be mounted onto a window using suction cups, onto the sidewall outside a building using included wall mounting hardware or traditionally onto a roof on an antenna pole using included pole mounting hardware. It also includes an inside antenna which is designed to be placed on the corner of a desk (301210) as well as cables to connect all of these components together. The boosted cellular signal is available to the area within the desk.