Trucker Cell Phone Signal Boosters: A Must-have Truck Accessory

Trucker Cell Phone Signal Boosters: A Must-have Truck Accessory

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
19th Feb 2021

Do You Use Your Cell Phone More, or Your Radio?

Big rig trucks are designed with symmetry in mind. From the cabin to the undercarriage, all the most popular brands of Over The Road truck (Cascadias, Kenworth W990s, and more) keep this simple framework.

That extends to truck antennas, as well. Most truckers use a CB radio, which have to use a CB radio antenna to be of any use. Due to this, many trucks have two CB radio antennas, one on either side of the cabin.

But we’ve found that, with the rise of cell phones, CB radios have become less popular among truckers. That second CB antenna becomes more and more of a relic of the days before cell phones each day. Many truckers use their cell phones over their radio almost every time.

That’s where a cell phone booster for semi trucks come in.

See complete cell signal booster kits for your situation:


A Simple Change

If you drive an OTR truck and use your cell phone as much - if not more than - your CB radio, there’s simply no excuse not to have a trucker cell phone booster. They boost weak 4G LTE and 3G signal for all major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and more) and all phones (iPhone, Android, Samsung Galaxy, and more). You’ll see a dramatic reduction in dropped calls and slow texts, and an increase in reliability to where you’ll be amazed you ever lived without it.

What’s more, the OTR signal amplifier antenna can go where your second CB radio antenna is placed, keeping that nice symmetry while giving you the cellular signal you need. Win-win.

Trucker Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Our Pick: weBoost Drive Reach OTR - 472154

weboost drive reach otr
weBoost Drive Reach OTR - 472154

For any truck, semi, or off-road vehicle needing a reliable connection on the road.

Buy Now at $499.99
  • Boosts voice, text message, data
  • 5G ready
  • Amplifies multiple cell devices
  • Up to +50 dB gain
  • Works with ALL cellular devices across ALL carriers
  • OTR antenna made especially for trucks

The weBoost Drive Reach OTR is the most powerful over-the-road commercial truck cell phome amplifier. Perfect for fleet services needing quality reception in their vehicles.

This kit pairs the weBoost Drive Reach with the best-in-class durable and rugged outside omnidirectional antenna to withstand all elements while driving on the road. The outside antenna requires a fixed installation to secure it in place, and the included 3-way mount allows you to easily install it on the fleet vehicle’s roof edge or mirror bracket.

The Drive Reach OTR is capable of reaching far distanced towers to provide you with superior cellular signal wherever work takes you. No more dropped calls, unsent text messages, or disconnected navigation services while in the field.

Cradle Option: weBoost Drive Sleek OTR - 470135

weboost drive sleek otr
weBoost Drive Sleek OTR- 470235

Best for urban and suburban driving.

Buy Now at $279.99
  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G or 4G LTE Data. 5G Ready.
  • Amplifies one cellular device.
  • Up to +23 dB Gain
  • Works with ALL cellular devices across ALL carriers

The weBoost Drive Sleek OTR is an affordable trucker amplifier designed to only boost one cellular device at a time.

The kit features a best in class OTR antenna that can be easily installed on the roof of any fleet vehicle and an adjustable cradle vent mount designed to hold any size smartphone or small tablet. To benefit from the boosted signal, your cellular device has to be in the cradle. And when paired with a Bluetooth headset, it really shines for hands-free calling and navigation.

It’ll work best in urban and suburban areas but is not the strongest performer in extremely remote locations. However, as long as you have a sliver of signal, the Drive Sleek won’t let you down.

Trucker Signal Booster Antenna Options

trucker antenna options

We definitely recommend the Over The Road antenna for any truck, even if you don’t have an OTR vehicle. It has higher power than a typical vehicle antenna, so it will reach farther and give better consistent signal throughout your vehicle. It can be easily mounted on any Ford F150, Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tacoma, or GMC Sierra.

If you have an OTR vehicle, this antenna is a no-brainer. As mentioned, the OTR antenna can go alongside or easily replace one of your CB antennas to give you boosted signal. We at Wilson Amplifiers offer truck-specific mounts for Cascadia Freightliners, M2 106 Freightliners, Kenworth W990s and T680s, Peterbuild 579s and 389s, Volvo VNRs and VNLs, and Anthem and Pinnacle Mack Trucks.

In addition, we carry mounts for all semi-trucks (except Volvo) to allow for placement of the antenna on the passenger side spot mirror using the M6 Bolt, and all semi trucks at the back of the cab using an M8 Bolt.

How Does a Trucker Cell Phone Booster Work?

truck booster how it works

A semi truck cell phone amplifier snatches existing outside signal, boosts it up to 32x, and then broadcasts the boosted signal within a confined space. This is why your truck is perfect for these devices. A complete signal boosting kit typically consists of an outside antenna to snatch signal, the amplifier (or cellular repeater) itself, an interior antenna to broadcast the signal indoors, and cable to attach them all together.

The amplifier also needs access to a power supply, but can plug directly into your truck’s AV power source.

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions or concerns, please leave them in the comments. We try and answer every single one!

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