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17th Apr 2014 /

Wilson Announces DT4G Consumer Cellular Signal Booster at CES

Market leader in the wireless communications industry since the last 40 years, Wilson Electronics has made quite a name for themselves with their high-tech cellular boosters, antennas, and various related components related to the strength of cellular signals. Headquartered in the United States, Wilson Electronics has gained fame worldwide due to the top-notch signal boosting solutions they provide. The solutions are available for all three major demographics: individuals, organizations, and the industrial sector.

Recently, at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Wilson Electronics announced their latest high-end cellular signal booster that works as an all-in-one solution which can be employed for a wide variety of needs at all levels of usage. Before we proceed to highlight the various aspects of the DT4G device, let’s take a look at the cellular signal booster industry to provide you with a better idea on the device. As they say, to understand something, you have got to begin from the basics.

Why Are Cellular Signal Boosters Used?

Since the advent of wireless communications, particularly cell phones, signal reception has always been an issue. Telecom carriers had to affix cellular towers which needed to be repeated after fixed distances to ensure good coverage and reception of signals for consumers. With time, the service providers have managed to cover pretty much all regions, guaranteeing reception if you are in a residential district anywhere in the world.

People still encounter weak signal reception in quite a few places though, even within the city. One might ask how that could be when cellular signal broadcast towers are pretty much at every corner. Well, the issue arose with the current structure of energy-efficient buildings with radiant barriers and window tinting being incorporated, which are unfortunately in most cases, quite non-efficient with regards to cellular signals. Coverage within such structures is throttled, resulting in issues for organizations in particular. Hence, the need for cellular signal booster solutions!

What do the Signal Boosters do?

Also known as cell phone repeaters, cellular signals boosters have been around since the realization of issues regarding weak cell phone signal reception. These boosters are designed to achieve two major objectives: to amplify a weak outside signal, and to bypass obstructions that interfere with signal reception for provision of strong signals within. Typically, a signal booster consists of three parts: an outside antenna which catches the incoming signal from the telecom broadcast tower; an inside antenna which broadcasts the amplified signal within the building; and a specialized cable that connects the two. With more upscale devices, manufacturers sometimes include a separate signal booster for the inside area to further increase the boosted signals range.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a Signal Booster

While an astounding variety of signal boosters is available today, for nearly all purposes and usage; the number of options are also a cause for confusion for the masses. How does one decide the optimal cellular signal booster that fulfills their requirements? The answer is simple enough; when making a purchase decision of such equipment, one needs to keep in mind three major factors upon which the final decision rests.

  • Which boosting solutions support the telecom networks and carriers you use?
  • Existing level of strength of the incoming signal to the place where you need to install the booster
  • The size and area that you need to cover with the boosted signal

A ton of other specifications and technicalities are also involved, but these three basic criteria will ensure that you are on the right track.

The DT4G Consumer Signal Booster

Wilson Electronics’ latest entrant into the fold has generated a good deal of interest in the market. Targeted towards the consumer segment, instead of their usual industry demographic, the DT4G is a complete kit that is easy to setup by even those who lack technical expertise in these matters. The highlight of the DT4G consumer signal booster is that it is vendor agnostic. For the layman, this essentially translates to the booster supporting all cellular networks and carriers in the United States; except Clearwire.

The signal booster is ideal for use in both home and office settings; and the boosted signal can easily cover up to two average sized rooms. Supporting multiple connections, using the DT4G boosting solution, everyone in the boosted signal’s range will have their cellular reception improved; a much needed features in offices especially! Moreover, the solution not only reduces dropped calls and lost connections, but also boosts data speeds on all 2G, 3G, and 4G networks. This will be particularly useful for those who are addicted to smartphones and cannot live with slow data transfer speeds.

But Cellular Signal Boosters are Expensive!

That might have been true some time ago; no more! Wilson Electronics has been a leader in the wireless communications industry for several decades, and through streamlined design and production processes, the company provides the best value to customers. Still, the price for the DT4G was expected to be a bit on the high side since it is the first booster that offers 4G amplification for all networks in the US. The official announcement at the 2014 CES changed that, with the company announcing a very nominal pricing scheme for the new kit, making it affordable for those seeking a robust signal boosting solution without causing a dent in the budget.

Setting up the DT4G

The newly announced signal booster comes in an easy-to-assemble kit, making it easy for anyone to set up the device and start getting boosted reception. Coming with the standard external and internal antennae and the necessary connectors and cables, the illustrated step-by-step guide ensures that even a layman will be able to connect the pieces with ease. In addition, free tech support is also provided by Wilson Electronics in case of any issues.

Over the years, the manufacturer has developed a stellar reputation regarding the quality and reliability of its signal boosters; the DT4G is no exception. Consumers are bound to appreciate the powerful, yet economical cellular signal boosting solution which eliminates the possibility of interference in signal reception. Ideal for homes and offices!

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