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30th Mar 2014 /

Wilson DB Pro (TM) Cellular Booster

If you do not have enough coverage in your area when you are indoors, you should utilize a cell phone signal booster. Doing so will amplify the signal and there will be reduced number of dropped calls. The connections will not have any interference and you will be able to achieve a significantly better performance of your cellular devices. There are many boosters available in the market, but Wilson’s products are by far the best of the lot. Wilson is a prestigious name in the industry that offers high quality devices for amplification and boosting needs.


  • §Affordable price
  • §Superior performance
  • §Works for text, data, and voice communications
  • §Operates on the 850/1900 MHz frequency band
  • §Lightweight and compact design
  • §Support for a large number of carriers and cellular devices
  • §Designed to prevent overload
  • §Approved by FCC and IC

Offered Products

The Wilson DB Pro series comprises of a number of products that can improve both data and voice performance of cellular devices. The products can be used inside any building that has weak signals such as homes, offices, command posts, fire stations, and so on. The products are either available as a kit or a single antenna system.

The amplifier has a gain of +65 DB and a resistance of 75 Ohm. The amplifier features an adjustable gain, providing you with increased flexibility in terms of antenna placement and signal distributions. Like other Wilson products, the amplifier stops automatically if an overload is experienced.

The kits are of two types:

  • 1.841262 DB Pro Booster
  • 2.841263 DB Pro Booster

841262 DB Pro Booster features an Omni directional antenna that can be mounted in multiple ways. This eliminates the need of figuring out a suitable location and orientation of the antennas. The 841263 DB Pro is available with a Yagi unidirectional antenna that must be directed towards the nearest cell tower. The Yagi directional antenna offers more power but all of this is channeled in one direction only. The Omni antenna may not offer enough power, but it does provide you with 360 degrees coverage which makes it a good option if you do not know where your operator’s cell tower is located.

The kits include a wide band antenna that can be mounted on any flat surface. This can be done in numerous ways such as mounting the antenna on the wall or affixing it onto the ceiling. Refer to the installation manual which comes with the product for more details about this. Other than this, the kits also include low loss RG-6 cables that are in multiple lengths: 20 ft, 30 ft and 50 ft. F-F connectors are also included so that the cables can be connected together.

Setting up the System

A complete DB Pro system comprises of three main components: indoor antenna, outdoor antenna, and amplifier. All connections are made through low loss coaxial cables and DC power must be supplied for the system to operate. Generally, the outdoor antenna can be affixed to the standard antenna pole that is either located on the roof or the side of the building. This will communicate with the nearest cellular tower of your mobile carrier. The indoor antenna is directed towards your cellular devices. The amplifier is placed indoors and is plugged into a power outlet.

Follow the steps below and you will soon have a working DB Pro System.

  • §Choose a location for the amplifier such that it does not come in contact with heat, sunlight, and moisture. Moreover, the area should be properly ventilated.
  • §Mount the outside antenna at a position at which your cell phone shows the maximum signal when operated in test mode.
  • §Select a suitable position for the indoor antenna that is somewhere close to the area where you want signal amplification. For proper functioning, the distance between the indoor and outdoor antenna must be separated by 15 ft so that no overload occurs.
  • §Connect appropriate cables from the amplifier to the booster; once done ensure the connections are tight.
  • §Turn on the amplifier.


The prime reason of using the Wilson DB Pro products is the superior performance that they can demonstrate. No matter how weak the signals in your building may be, you can still get the maximum possible coverage one you set up the system. With other alternatives, coverage is often limited, but with Wilson’s devices, you can get coverage within an area of 5,000 square feet which is quite large. Moreover, the system will work for any carrier and every cellular device.

The amplifiers feature an adjustable gain that allow you to fine tune the performance according to your own specific needs and troubleshoot it easily should a problem arise. The system is fairly easy to set up, and you can do so on your own, without any technical assistance of any sort. 

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