NMO Antenna Mounts
NMO Antenna Mounts

NMO Antenna Mounts

NMO Antenna Mounts
  • For use with NMO antennas
  • Requires hole in sheet metal surface for connection – ¾ in or 3/8 in
  • 14ft RG-58 cable included
  • NMO Antenna sold separately

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About Wilson NMO Antenna Mounts with RG-58 Cable

NMO Antenna mounts allow for connecting a Wilson NMO antenna to a vehicle roof or similar surface. It comes with a 14-foot RG58U Cable.

We have four varieties of NMO Antenna mounts:

The inches refer to the size of the hole in the sheet metal surface you will need to thread the cable through.

Please check the termination of your amplifier to ensure compatibility between the cable on the NMO antenna mount and your amplifier’s input.

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