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Rack-Mount WilsonPro Enterprise 4330 Cell Phone Signal Booster - 463075R - Front
Rack-Mount WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R Cell Phone Signal Booster - 463075

Rack-Mount WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R Cell Phone Signal Booster - 463075

Rack-Mount WilsonPro Enterprise 4330 Cell Phone Signal Booster - 463075R - Front
Powerful Professional Grade Signal Booster For Large Commercial Buildings and Large Enterprise
  • Rack-Mounted Amplifier with Up to +70 dB Gain
  • Up to 100,000 Sq Ft Coverage of 4G and Low-Band 5G
  • Channelized Technology
  • 3 Outdoor and 4 Indoor Antenna Ports
  • Supports All Cellular Devices and Carriers

Options Available:

The WilsonPro 4330R Enterprise requires professional installation to be used to its fullest potential. Our certified, professional installation team specializes in integrating these boosters.
Or call our experts directly Mon-Friday 8AM-5PM CST.

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We Offer System Design & Turnkey Installation Services

Installing a WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R cell signal booster system requires a professional's touch. Our team of signal experts will make sure you get coverage where you need it. We have improved indoor cellular coverage in millions of square feet for some of the largest companies in the world.

Phone Number Support
Let's talk now:1-800-887-1961
Benefit - Personal Attention
Benefit - Systems That Works
Systems That
Work For You
Benefit - Lifetime Technical Support
Benefit - Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring
Benefit - Nationwide Installation Service
Benefit- 5G Ready

Elevated Business Connectivity

The rack-mounted Enterprise 4330R Cell Phone Signal Booster transforms 5G and 4G cellular connectivity inside medium to large commercial buildings across all carriers. Covering up to 100,000 sq ft with enhancing talk, text, and data speeds, team members and clients will remain effortlessly connected.

Business Connectivity
Uninterrupted Operations

Unmatched Communication

WilsonPro designed the Enterprise 4330R to seamlessly integrate with Zinwave, the most innovative fiber-based Distributed Antenna System (DAS) solution, enabling the deployment of a Hybrid DAS setup for unmatched connectivity. Flexible, it can also be deployed independently as a Passive DAS.

Next-Level Amplification

Whether operating in the city or the countryside, as long as you have a sliver of cell signal outside, the Enterprise 4330R delivers it even stronger inside. Boasting up to 70 dB gain and 26 dBm uplink, it can reach distant cell towers and significantly enhance weak signals.

Reliable Cellular Reception for All
Seamless Business Communication

Advanced Signal Power

Incorporating channelization technology, integrators can easily fine-tune cellular signal strength for all carriers. Streamlined connectivity across networks maximizes communication and productivity for peak operation.

Continuous Uptime

The WilsonPro Cloud allows remote management by integrators for ultra-high reliability and guaranteed uptime. Through the user-friendly color LCD touchscreen, it's easy to monitor performance on-site.

Maximize Business Uptime
Seamless Business Communication


The Enterprise 4330R comes in a rack-mount chassis measuring 17.5 x 12 x 3.75 for deployment in IT closets. It’s also available as a wall-mount unit (460075) to effortlessly fit into any environment, facilitating optimal setup for your unique building.

Wall-Mount WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R Product Overview

The Enterprise 4330R cell phone signal booster significantly enhances 4G LTE and low band 5G coverage inside large buildings where cell signals may not otherwise penetrate. It supercharges businesses with fewer dropped calls, improved voice quality, uninterrupted texts, and faster data speeds – along with better audio and video streaming. Flexible, the Enterprise 4330R can be deployed individually or with Zinwave DAS for unmatched connectivity.

Designed with channelizing technology, it simplifies signal strength optimization across desired carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon). This capability has proven critical in situations in which a strong outside carrier signal is interfering on a frequency band or where only one specific carrier is required. Other incorporated features include multi-tower targeting (aka split mode), eXtended Dynamic Range (XDR), and an LCD screen.

Wired or LTE WilsonPro Cloud access for remote functionally provides ultra-high system reliability and guaranteed uptime.

Available as a rack mount (461075) or wall mount (460075), the Enterprise 4330R ensures seamless integration into any workspace.

How The WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R Works

How The WilsonPro 4330R Works
Outside Antennas Bring in Tower Signal
WilsonPro Enterprise 4330R Amplifies Signal
Inside Antennas Spread Signal Throughout Building
Cellular Devices Pick Up Amplified Signal

What’s included in the Kit?

Kit - WilsonPro 4330R Amplifier
Enterprise 4330R Amplifier/Repeater
Kit - Outside Antenna
Wideband Directional Antenna Outside Antenna
Item # 314411
Kit - Inside Dome Antennas
4x Dome Inside Antennas (304412)
Item # 304412
Kit - Lightning Surge Protector
5x 100 ft. Wilson 400 Cables (952300)
Item # 859902
Kit - 2ft Wilson400 Cable
2 ft. Wilson 400 Cable (952302)
Item # 952302
Kit - Wilson400 100ft Cable
100 ft. Wilson400 Cable x5
Item # 952300
Kit - User Manual
Installation Manual & Instructions
Item # 460152

Technical Specifications

SKU 460152
FREQUENCY Band 12/17 700 MHz
Band 13 700 MHz
Band 5 850 MHz
Band 4 1700/2100 MHz
Band 25 1900 MHz
POWER 120 - 240V, 50 - 60 Hz, 1.4 - 0.7A
BOOSTER DIMENSIONS 3.50 x 18.71 x 13.48 in
UPC 811815029892
PDFs WilsonPro 4330R Specifications Sheet

Coverage Area


Your outside signal strength, especially the roof or fascia where you install the outside antenna, has a large impact on the amount of coverage area you get from a signal booster. It is important to know that there many unique factors that go into determining coverage area, so actual results may vary from these estimates.

To learn more about accurately reading/getting your outside signal strength, please see our guide on Finding your true cellular signal: It’s all about dB.

If you current outside signal is: You May Receive Boosted indoor signal:
Current outside signal: You may get:
Coverage Area - 5 Bar 5 Bars
(-40 to -70 dB)
up to 100,000 sq. ft.
Coverage Area - 4 Bar 4-5 Bars
(-70 to - 80 dB)
up to 80,000 sq. ft.
Coverage Area - 3 Bar 3-4 Bars
(-85 to -95 dB)
up to 60,000 sq. ft.
Coverage Area - 2 Bar 2-3 Bars
(-95 to -105 dB)
up to 40,000 sq. ft.
Coverage Area - 1 Bar 1-2 Bars
(-105 to - 115 dB)
up to 20,000 sq. ft.
Coverage Area - No Signal No Signal
(-120 dB)
Most likely no signal to boost.

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