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Wilson 951116 6-Foot Adapter Extension Coaxial Cable RG174 w/ FME Female Connectors, main
RG-174 FME-Female / FME-Female, 6ft Cable

RG-174 FME-Female / FME-Female, 6ft Cable - 951116

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Product Details

This item has been discontinued.

The Wilson 951116 is a 6 ft RG174 extension coaxial cable and is fitted with FME-Female / FME-Female Connectors.


  • Connects Direct Connection amplifier to any Wilson external antenna adapter. 
  • Connects mobile wireless amplifier to small antenna.

Package Includes:

  • Wilson 951116  6-Foot RG174 Adapter Extension Coaxial Cable - Black

Product Features:

  • Indoor use
  • FME-Female / FME-Female Connectors 

Technical Specifications

Length  6 Feet
Size  3/32"
Connector                          FME-Female - FME-Female        
Color     Black
Loss per 10 feet (800 MHz)       3.58 dB
Loss per 10 feet (1900 MHz)     6.66 dB




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