What the Blinking Lights Mean on a weBoost Signal Booster

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
27th Jul 2016

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas on Your weBoost

All right.

So you've finished installing your weBoost signal booster and thinking:

"Now, I'm going to get full bars, never drop a call again, email all my friends, watch a little YouTube of last night's game, and then download a fancy app just to stay up with the Joneses."

You power on the thing and then...lights. Lots of lights. Red. Orange. Green. And they're blinking.

Is that normal?

Is it working?

Should I really have eaten that second serving of peach cobbler last night? [Ed's Note: Totally worth it.]

Today we're going to look at what the lights mean on your weBoost amplifier.

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Meaning of Lights on a weBoost


Everything is working perfectly. Your signal booster is amplifying at maximum capacity. So relax. Grab a beer, glass of wine, or your favorite drink and start binge watching on Netflix.


Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in signal from your inside antenna instead of the cell tower. This is called a feedback loop or oscillation (like a snake eating its own tail).

Solution: You need to increase the distance of the two antennas with a minimum of 20 feet vertically or 50 feet horizontally. If you have a model that has a yagi uni-directional outside antenna (triangular-shaped), make sure it points to the cell tower with the inside antenna pointed away from the yagi.

Power off your booster, then power it on again and if you put enough distance between the two, you'll have green lights.


Problem: Well, this is actually a "good" problem. This means the outside antenna is pulling in TOO much signal from the cell tower. So to avoid overloading your amplifier, it has to shut down.

Solution: You need to point the outside antenna slightly away from the cell tower. Do this in small increments. Make sure to power off, power on your booster to ensure the amplifier is updating the light status. Green is a go.

Green & Red (Blinking)

Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in signal from the cell tower AND your inside antenna. Your amplifier still works, however, it's operating at reduced power, meaning you're not getting maximum boost.

Solution: Increase the distance of the two antennas with a minimum of 20 feet vertically or 50 feet horizontally. Usually, it's easiest to move the inside antenna around until the lights are solid green.

Make sure to power off & power on your signal booster to make sure it's updating correctly.

Green & Orange (Blinking)

Problem: Your outside antenna is pulling in too much signal from the cell tower. Luckily, It isn't enough to overload the amplifier, BUT now it's operating at reduced power (& efficiency) to avoid a shutdown.

Solution: The outside antenna needs to point slightly away from the cell tower. Do this in small steps. Power off & power on the booster to ensure accurate signal amplification. Now you're getting maximum signal boost.

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