Top 11 Tips for Better Cell Battery Life

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
4th Jun 2020

Does Your Cell Battery Keep Dying?

Few feelings compete with the satisfaction of a fully charged cell battery — especially after a frantic bout of empty tank syndrome. Driving directions, virtual event tickets, a late-night Uber… the stress of making every last percentage point count is the quickest route to full-battery appreciation. But how do we show our precious batteries that we’ve learned from our mistakes and are ready to do better? There are proven ways to avoid the low-battery panic in the future, so before you send apology flowers to your smartphone, try out these easy tips to get better cell phone battery life.

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1. Invest in a Signal Booster

Poor signal sucks the life out of your cell phone. Have you ever noticed how quickly your phone dies when you travel deep into the woods? The search for service drains the cell battery faster than any livestream, facetime, or movie download. If you’re experiencing service interruptions or struggles, a cell phone signal booster can keep you connected in even the most remote locations.

Wilson Amplifiers offers solutions for every situation, whether you’re connecting from a houseboat, big rig, RV, or a treehouse nestled deep in the Rockies. Cellular signal boosters work by pulling in existing 5G/4G/LTE signal, boosting that frequency, then rebroadcasting that amplified signal directly to your devices. It’s a simple, risk-free way to stay connected wherever you are, and protect your cell phone battery life.

2. Turn Down the Brightness

The brightness of a phone’s screen can be a major battery drainer. If your cell battery keeps dying, it would behoove you to reevaluate your brightness settings. While the “Auto Brightness” feature helps to adjust itself based on the current lighting, your best bet is to manually select the lowest brightness possible for your setting.

Adjusting your screen auto-lock can also be helpful, depending on your phone usage. Default for iPhones is set to two minutes, but if you can get by with less, Apple offers a handful of timing options. It has also been shown that users can help extend the battery life of certain phones by using dark wallpapers and themes.

3. Close Apps You’re Not Using

Background apps can be battery guzzlers, so don’t just minimize that window and go about your day. Closing apps that aren’t currently in use can make a difference in your battery’s life, so be sure to exit the programs you’ve finished using before you move on to the next.

Also, if you’re tight on battery, avoid any apps that are loaded with graphics, video, and audio, since these take more battery to function. Free versions of games with ads are especially hard on battery life, so investing in the paid versions of these programs might be worth it if you want to satisfy your need for battery life AND your distraction of choice.

4. Keep Your Phone Updated

Those endless updates are actually for the best. To keep your phone and apps up to date with the top security and functionality, it’s important to stay on top of those software updates. Each little tweak is designed for efficiency and optimization, and this includes battery performance.

5. Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When They're Not Needed

Searching for a hot spot takes a lot of energy, so if you’re not connected to a familiar network or actively trying to connect to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, turning this feature off can help save some of your juice.

If you’re really committed to saving up your energy, turn on airplane mode. If you’re in an area — think underground, tunnels, wilderness, etc… — where cell phone signals are few and far between, it’s best to give your phone a break until you can reach a more stable service area. Even when you’re not in flight, airplane mode turns off the wireless capabilities of your device, disabling call, text, voice, and data functions. This takes a lot of strain off of your battery, since searching for signals drains batteries like a vampire. If you can afford to go without service until you’ve outrun the obstructions, your battery will thank you.

6. Disable Location Services

GPS can be very helpful when navigating your way through unfamiliar territory, but much like Wi-Fi searching, it puts a lot of pressure on your battery. When preserving battery life is more important than location services, shutting off this feature can help save some serious time for your battery.

7. Change Your Settings to Check for Mail Less Often

By default, most mail apps are designed to download new messages immediately. This “Push” method is great for staying on top of your inbox, but it’s also a stressor for your phone battery. If battery life supersedes new mail notifications, it’s simple enough to adjust your settings to “Fetch” over “Push”. Instead of downloading all new mail automatically, “Fetch” settings allow you to customize your mail schedule to update either automatically, manually, hourly, every 30 minutes, or every 15 minutes.

8. Turn Off (or Reduce) Notifications

All those push notifications can be helpful, but they do impact your battery life. You can choose to turn off notifications completely, or get creative with your settings to reduce those notifications down to the essentials. The eggs hatching in your Pokemon GO account will still be there whether your notifications alert you or not...

9. Avoid Extreme Temperatures

If you’ve never run outside during a polar vortex just to snap a picture of the insane snow piled up around your front door… only to have your phone succumb to instant hypothermia, then you’ll just have to take our word for it.

Cell phones are not immune to the perils of extreme heat and cold, so it’s best to keep smart devices in more temperate places. A common culprit of battery fry is the parked car, so, like most items of value, it’s best to avoid the instinct to leave your phones and tablets behind, especially in the dead of winter or height of summer.

10. Do Your Research

Checking the “Battery” tab of your phone’s settings can provide a lot of insight into your phone usage. Dipping into this information can tell you a lot about the apps and activity that receive the most attention from your battery. This function can point out any surprises, and help to keep tabs on the programs that drain the most energy.

11. Invest In Charging Accessories

While they may not delay the inevitable battery drain, there are plenty of cell phone accessories that include a charging function when you do need that extra boost. From portable power banks to actual purses that automatically charge your phone, technology has given us many creative alternatives to the old wall plug. AND, there are also phone cases with batteries built in, so your phone gets extra bursts of power throughout the day, actually prolonging its battery life without overcharging.

Get Better Cell Battery Life

Certain myths like “battery memory” no longer apply to current technology, so regardless of what the guy at the mall kiosk said 10 years ago, you’re better off NOT waiting until your battery gets down to zero to plug it in. Today’s phones are equipped to deal with more frequent charging, so don’t be afraid to plug it in when you need it, and take your time.

Low power or battery saver mode can still work wonders in a pinch, so never underestimate the power of your phone’s built-in self-preservation. It’s not always easy to hold a charge on the move, so it’s best to let a cell signal booster do the heavy lifting.

No matter where you find yourself, don’t let weak cell phone signals suck the life out of your battery. Wilson Amplifiers provides the solution for cell battery life, so your smartphones and 4G/5G devices never run out of power when you need them most.

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