The One Utility Your BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Company Needs

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
13th Aug 2019

What is BYOD?

The BYOD — Bring Your Own Device — model is on the rise in today’s modern offices. Also known as “bring your own technology” or “bring your own phone”, the BYOD workplace embraces the inevitably of employees’ personal cell phones, laptops, tablets, and more making their way to the office — and puts those devices to work. When we all choose the devices we really want, we’re more likely to stay engaged and efficient — boosting productivity and cutting costs.

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Why a BYOD Policy is Good for Your Business

The BYOD policy makes it simple to mobilize your resources. Everyone has a personal phone/laptop/tablet that travels to work and back, so why force the awkward transition between designated “work” phones and “personal” phones? We only have so many pockets and compartments to carry around multiple devices.

While the idea of two separate phones/computers/tablets for personal and work use is bulky and unrealistic, the single, universal-use work device tends to hit some awkward snags in the realm of personal use. It’s probably okay to download Tinder or Pokémon GO onto your work phone, but it somehow feels a little like you’re getting away with something.

But if your personal device is granted full access to your work files, contacts, etc, it grants not only the freedom to do whatever it is you choose to do for personal use — guilt-free — it keeps you connected to the office everywhere you go.

BYOD Increases Employee Loyalty and Retention

Flexibility is increasingly valuable to both businesses and the people they hire, so BYOD is an enticing benefit for employees both new and established. An easy transition for a new hire provides a competitive selling point, since it skips the hassle of excessive training just to familiarize each person with an unfamiliar computer. Mac experts can stay Mac experts — PC people can master their PCs. Androids, iPhones, Samsungs… all are welcome. No learning curves, just come as you are.

Does a BYOD Policy Help Cut Costs?

The diversity of all that BYO hardware also frees up the company budget to focus on bigger picture purchases. Ditch the monotony of mid-level, budget-friendly devices for all. Individuals are more likely to buy themselves higher quality devices that are more tailored to their specific skill sets, potentially granting your team better technology, minus the overhead.

BYOD Models Save Time, Money, and Energy

Not only does your business cut the cost of hardware and software licensing, but your staff will be saving time and energy by working more efficiently — your creatives, maintenance team, number-crunchers, executives… whoever they are, each valuable member of your team can bring exactly what he/she needs to do the very best version of his/her job. Not to mention, your IT team will thank you.

What About Cellular Signal Strength?

BYOD policies promote accessibility and efficiency, but only if all of those devices can actually stay connected. With the diversity of devices comes varying wireless signal strength, and you can’t afford to squander your staff’s newfound loyalty and productivity on an unreliable internet connection. Keep those cellular signals strong by investing in a quality cell phone signal booster for your business.

The Benefits of a Cellular Signal Booster for BYOD Businesses

Regardless of make, model, and/or carrier of the device, Wilson Amplifiers strengthen the wireless connection, ensuring that all that added productivity isn’t stalled by a poor cellular signal. Factors like building materials, congestion, and cell tower distance can all weaken the signals of wireless networks, but BYOD businesses can counter those concerns with the strength and simplicity of signal boosters.

What About WiFi?

Focusing on a single network is a mistake for BYOD businesses. Don’t overload your network with everyone’s devices all at once — take advantage of the independent frequencies offered by multiple carriers. Access to all of the options gives your entire team a head start, and a single signal booster amplifies all US and Canadian carriers.

Instead of relying on one WiFi to rule them all, harness the collective power of Verizon BYOD, T-Mobile BYOD, and AT&T BYOD all at once. Plus, Wilson Amplifiers effectively strengthen the signal for all LTE, 4G, and 5G cellular phone models, so it’s not just the carrier coverage that’s universal.

Cellular Signal Boosters Provide Universal Coverage for All BYOD Employees

As much as the BYOD model strengthens teams by diversifying their devices, cell signal boosters ensure that no matter who prefers which phone, tablet, or laptop, everyone has equal access to a universally strong wireless signal. Every employee has his or her own strengths, Wilson Amplifiers ensures that access to a solid wireless signal in the office is never anyone’s weakness.

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