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Cell Phone WiFi Signal Booster
24th Feb 2020 /
by Wilson Amplifiers / Comments

Cell Phone WiFi Signal Booster

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Improving Your Cellular WiFi Internet Service

You get internet service through two ways.

Boost the cellular signal reaching your phone with a cell phone signal booster:

Method 1:

Connecting to a router that uses landline internet provided by internet service providers such as Time Warner Cable, Comcast, Verizon Fios, and AT&T Uverse.

This is known as wireline internet.

[Ed's Note: If you're looking for a Wireline Wifi Signal Booster, we'd recommend the AmpliFi HD>, Netgear Orbi, or Google Wifi System.]

Method 2:

Connecting to 4G, LTE, and 3G services provided by cell phone carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile/Sprint.

This is called wireless internet.

Wireless Internet

While the majority of Americans still depend on wireline home internet, the shift to going truly wireless has grown tremendously. A recent Pew Study showed that over 12% of the population is strictly smartphone-only, with 50% growth from 2015-2018 - and that's before 5G launched.

In short, 4G LTE (and soon 5G) speeds have caught up and are successfully bridging the gap between both technologies and helping people cut the cord and embracing their smartphones & cellular devices as the hub of their digital activities.

But, as they say, every rose has its thorn.

WiFi Signal Boosters: "Hello, Can You Hear Me Now?"

The beauty of using cellular services to connect to the internet is that it's everywhere. You're not tethered to the WiFi router. Moving from inside the home to the car to literally anywhere around the town is effortless.

But it's all dependent on one thing: quality signal.

What is a WiFi booster?

Browsing the web, streaming video, text messaging, posting the latest pics on Facebook or Instagram, you're going to need fast internet. One bar of 4G signal isn't going to cut it.

Luckily, there's a solution.

It's called a cell phone signal booster.

A cell phone WiFi booster takes outside cellular signal, amplifies it, then rebroadcasts the signal to an area in need inside your home or car.

More bars, more speed, always connected.

Cell Phone Signal Booster? I'm here about WiFi!

That may be true, but wouldn't you love to have a portable WiFi router with you, anywhere you need signal? A cell phone WiFi signal booster can function not only to boost your cellular signal, but can become an extremely powerful hotspot signal booster if you decide to use your phone to provide wireless network connectivity to your other devices.

How Does a WiFi Booster Work?

A WiFi booster snatches the existing cell signal broadcast by your carrier, rebroadcasts it, which allows it to reach your phone or cellular device. This device then converts cellular to WiFi signal, and rebroadcasts it in the vicinity of your phone or hotspot, providing a portable, convenient WiFi router wherever you are.

What is the Difference Between a WiFi Booster and WiFi Extender

A WiFi extender makes no use of cellular signal, meaning you'll need existing WiFi signal before an extender will work. Essentially, a WiFi router (with, let's say, a cable connection) broadcasts its signal in a confined area, then an extender is placed strategically to pick up and then rebroadcast that signal around walls and through homes and buildings to "extend" the range of the WiFi signal.

The downside to an extender is exactly that: it needs cabled WiFi to exist at all. So in more remote areas, where getting anything cabled into your house is a chore, this can be prohibited. But if you have any cellular signal on your property at all, a cell phone WiFi signal booster will still be able to function.

But Why Should I Pay Extra for Something I Should Already Be Getting?

In the long run, a cell phone WiFi booster is all about convenience and empowerment. Even if you are living right next to a cell tower, you'd still might not get quality signal.

Here's why:

Cell phone signals are radio waves, the AM-FM kind. Like all radio frequency waves, they are easily susceptible to interference. Almost everything under the sun can alter, absorb, and disrupt your cellular service.

For example:

  • Cell tower distance
  • Outside interference: Trees, hills, mountains, valleys, and tall structures.
  • Building material (the LEADING cause of poor cellular service): Metal, glass, concrete, brick, energy-efficient material, and other conductive material (electrical or magnetic).
  • Internal building obstructions: Thick walls, plaster, drywall, wood and electrical devices & clutter, etc.
  • Even weather (yup).
  • It just takes one or any combination of these problems and you can say goodbye to any decent signal.

And we all know that gut-wrenching frustration when nothing is loading.

The question to you then is "What's the price?"

What's the price you'd pay to avoid spotty reception, slow or no internet, constant loading scenes, emergencies, peace of mind, etc. everyday for the rest of your life?

Well, that's what a cellular WiFi signal booster does for you:

Helping you cut the cord, save monthly on landline internet, getting faster internet 24 hours a day.

Below are our top choices for cellular WiFi solutions for use inside your home or car:

Cell Phone Wi-Fi Signal Booster For Home

The Best Cell Phone WiFi Signal Booster for Home

  • Up to 5,000 sq. ft. of cell phone WiFi coverage under best conditions
  • Up to +65 dB of gain, with 21 dBm uplink and 12 dBm downlink
  • Multiple accessories for maximum coverage and customization (sold separately)
  • Complete coverage for multiple rooms or midsize home for all carriers across multiple devices
  • Outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna configuration, with stylish fabric front

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is designed to cover several rooms, an entire floor, or a whole midsize, one-story home with cell phone WiFi signal. As its name suggests, you can expect multiple rooms of coverage with the unit assuming decent outside cellular signal. Assuming flawless outside signal, you can expect up to 5,000 square feet of coverage, but in most situations you can expect 2,000-3,000 square feet of indoor Verizon coverage. If you live in a rural area with very weak outdoor signal, expect significantly reduced coverage. In fact, if you’re in an area with next to no signal, this is the lowest grade signal booster you should ever consider buying.

It features a nice, clean look, with an indoor antenna that won't stand out amid your existing home decor.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom boosts signal for all major North American carriers. Should you ever change carrier, the weBoost Home MultiRoom will still work.

If you live in an extremely weak signal area, or have a really big house you want to cover, consider its sister product, the weBoost Home Complete.

Only at
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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.


  • Up to 7,500 sq. ft. of coverage under best conditions
  • Up to +72 dB of gain, with 24 dBm uplink and 12 dBm downlink
  • Multiple accessories for maximum coverage and customization (sold separately)
  • Complete coverage for entire home for all carriers across multiple devices
  • Outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna, with stylish fabric front

Our Review:

The weBoost Home Complete is absolutely the most powerful consumer line booster you can get. With an additional +5 dB over the Home MultiRoom, it's roughly a shade over 3x more powerful.

Best case scenarios can expect coverage up to 7,500 sq ft. More likely results can at least expect 4,000-5,000 sq ft even with below average outside signal. Again, fringe zones can expect a little less.

It features an aesthetically pleasing design to fit in with typical home decor.

If you have extremely poor cell phone WiFi signal (remote area) or need wide coverage for a building 5,000 sq ft and over like a warehouse, the weBoost Home Complete is your new best friend, and may spare you a painful breakup with a large company - a real pain in the butt.

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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.


  • 1-2 room coverage:
    Improves 4G, LTE, and 3G coverage up to 1,500 sq ft.
  • High-powered range: Up to +60 dB gain for 32X stronger signal.

Our Review:

The weBoost Home Room is a nice cheap option if you're on a budget and only need spot coverage.

Depending on the outside signal, you may get 1-2 room coverage under best conditions. But you're not here because of best conditions, so it's more realistic to say desktop to small room coverage (about 250 to 500 sq ft).

Most customers have told us they're much closer to the inside antenna than anticipated for better signal. Great option for single office, home office (SOHO) and small areas like cabins and apartments. Good starter kit if you have decent outside signal but doesn't cover the whole home and not a strong performer in rural areas with poor signal.

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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.

Cell Phone WiFi Signal Booster for Car

The Best Cell Phone WiFi Signal Booster for Vehicles

  • Up to +50 dB of gain - the max allowed for a mobile signal booster in North America
  • Highest uplink output of any vehicle booster
  • Works for all phones, carriers, and hotspots
  • Sleek, metallic exterior designed to displace excess heat for peak performance
  • Better talk, text, and data speeds guaranteed

The weBoost Drive Reach is the newest, most powerful vehicle booster from Wilson Electronics, and is an ace at boosting cell phone WiFi signal.

A slim outside antenna picks up signal. A discreet inside antenna (usually Velcroed to the driver seat) broadcasts signal inside. You have to be about an arm's length to get the boosted signal, so it's best for your typical sedan, truck, or SUV.

This is the best booster no matter where you live, as not only does it reach farther to the cell towers for rural areas, but it does a better job handling more noisy, urban environments than other signal boosters on the market. Highly recommended for heavy hotspot users.

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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.


  • Boosts Voice, Text Messages, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • For a single smartphone
  • Up to +23 dB Gain

Our Review:

The weBoost Drive Sleek is about price and performance for the single user.

It uses a magnetic vent mount and when paired with a bluetooth headset, it really shines for regular talk & text and hands-free navigation.

Smartphone has to be in the cradle to get maximum signal boost. New design allows for wider smartphones and small tablets.

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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 90 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.

Cell Phone Wi-fi Signal Booster Commercial Buildings

Our Pick

  • Boosts Voice, Text Messages, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • For Commercial Building
  • Up to +70 dB Gain

Our Review:

There are many cellular solutions for buildings with a range from 25K to 100K sq ft. This model happens to be the sweet spot with best coverage up to 35,000 sq ft. Many of our professional installers and their enterprise customers have been happy with this one.

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  • FREE shipping, no minimum purchase.
  • 30 Day money back guarantee.
  • Lifetime support.

Who are you and how can you help me?

Wilson Amplifiers is a leading provider of cell phone signal boosters, devices that amplify 4G & 3G LTE for any phone with any carrier for home, office, or car. We’ve boosted over 10,000,000 sq ft of signal for homes, buildings, and vehicles across America and Canada.

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Our goal is simple: keep people connected. Ask us anything and we'll be glad to help.

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