How to Choose the Best Cell Phone Booster for You

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
6th Apr 2022

Choosing a cell phone booster does not have to be a mammoth task. It is a simple matter of marrying needs versus costs. Once you understand the variations in signal boosters, figuring out which signal booster to choose is not difficult.

All boosters sold here are pre-approved for use by the major American carriers.

We fix poor cell phone signal! Find the right signal booster for you:

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Are All Cell Phone Boosters the Same?

No. There are a wide variety of cell phone boosters, varying in power, size of coverage. Boosters can be broadly divided into different types: Home/Office, Vehicle, Commercial/Industrial, and M2M.

Home / Office Boosters

Also called “Consumer” boosters, these are the most common cell phone antenna boosters bought by ordinary folks. They are used inside buildings to provide better cellular service within them. Bypassing materials which kill cell signal, they boost and optimize existing cell signals in your area and bring them indoors.

The biggest difference among these boosters is the size of the area it can cover. Boosters in this class typically cover between 1,000 to 7,500 sq ft at maximum. The maximum coverage area varies depending on the strength of outside signal and the interior layout of the building.

Different cellular antennas, both indoor and outdoor, also help determine the overall strength of the signal you will get. These should be selected based on your requirements, but they are also included in so-called “base kits” which are included with any signal booster.

Finally, certain models of Home / Office boosters are sold bundled with a professional installation package. This costs a bit more, but guarantees a reliable setup if you are not the handy type.

We recommend giving us a call at 1-800-568-2723 if you need more help. One of our signal experts can give you a more concrete recommendation based on your exact circumstances.

Vehicle Boosters

Vehicle boosters are - surprise surprise - made for vehicles. They range from inexpensive cradle booster models to more expensive units which cover entire interiors for multiple users at once.

Choosing a vehicle booster is as simple as picking one designed for your vehicle and how many users you want using it. There are boosters for cars, SUVs, trucks, semis, RVs, boats, yachts, and more.

They are simple to install, with installations taking five or so minutes. They eliminate dead zones and dropped calls on the road.

Small Business / Industrial Boosters

Also called “Commercial Signal Boosters,” these are the big daddies. The largest and most powerful signal boosters the FCC allows. They cover between 6,000 and 100,000 sq ft and require professional installation to get running.

Commercial boosters are pre-approved for installation by all carriers. They adhere to rigorous regulations to ensure they do not interfere with existing cellular networks.

With such a wide range of coverage areas, Wilson cellphone boosters are sometimes divided even further into “Small Business” and “Enterprise” boosters. A maximum coverage range of 40,000 sq ft is the dividing line for these. If you need a booster for a commercial area smaller than that, stay in the Small Business section. If you need something larger, go for Enterprise.

We also offer complete, turnkey installation of Enterprise-grade signal boosters.

How Much Does a Signal Booster Cost?

How much the best signal booster costs varies depending on size of coverage needed. Boosters start at $199.99 and go all the way up into the thousands for the most advanced industrial model. Our most popular home model, the weBoost Home MultiRoom, goes for $569.99. Our most popular vehicle model, the weBoost Drive Reach, goes for $499.99. The $499-$599 range is typically what you will end up spending for a brand-new booster. Refurbs go for a little over $100 less.

If cost were no factor, we would always recommend the most powerful booster possible in its class. But realistically, it is not always needed. More power is recommended for covering larger spaces or if you have weak outdoor signal.

Do Cell Phone Boosters Work if You Have No Service?

That depends on where you have no service.

If you have no service inside your home, vehicle, or office, a cell phone booster will still work if you have some usable signal outside. If you find yourself going outdoors to make calls, then yes, a cell phone booster will work for you. If any area on or near your property has signal, an antenna can be set up there to boost it.

But if your area is completely without service, then a cell phone booster will not work.

Have any more Questions?

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