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Written by Wilson Amplifiers
1st Oct 2019

Signal Booster Installation Service: Wilson Amplifiers Provides Nationwide Installs

Wilson Amplifiers provides nationwide signal booster installations for commercial buildings and fleet vehicles.

From a thorough floor plan analysis to custom systems designs to turnkey installation, our calling in life to improve your cellular signal now includes hands-on expertise as well as in-depth industry knowledge. Call 1-800-919-7442 for a free consultation.

Our Install Pro Team consists of in-house experts and a network of vetted local and national signal booster installers.

Our preferred partners of local and national cell booster installers stretch across the country and have done major installations for Fortune 500 companies as well as overseas business developments.

Wilson Amplifiers provides complete in-building
cell phone signal booster installation services:

Commercial Cellular Installation

Wilson Amplifiers is the industry leader in commercial cellular installations. Our years of experience make us the most trusted name on the market, with thousands of satisfied customers. Our installers are certified, licensed, bonded, and insured - they are capable of installing any system in nearly any situation. Commercial cellular installations have many possible solutions, including passive DAS, active DAS, enterprise grade signal boosters, public safety DAS, small cell systems, and more. Find out which is right for you with a quick, free consultation. Call 1-800-919-7442 or fill out our easy online form:

Vehicle Signal Booster Installation

Reliable cellular signal is a crucial part of a positive customer experience, and necessary to maintain contact with your drivers. Don’t risk it with your fleet vehicle business. Vehicle signal boosters are critical for cellular-based fleet tracking devices, allowing fleet managers to better track vehicles, even in weak signal areas. Our complete turn-key installation solutions provides reliable signal in your rental cars, taxi cabs, buses, utility vehicles, delivery vans, and police cruisers. Call 1-800-919-7442 for a quick, free consultation, or fill out our easy online form:

Public Safety Installation

Public Safety Installation

As with mandatory plumbing, fire sprinklers, and accessibility, new code requirements are calling for strong and reliable public safety network signal. This is a necessity for most building owners to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy. Today’s commercial buildings are ill-equipped to support public safety coverage, because building material is the leading cause of poor RF (radio frequency) signal. Inside interference such as metal, concrete, brick, wood, and low-e glass combined with thick-walls and multi-room layouts effectively disrupt any RF signal.

Wilson Amplifiers is affiliated with the leaders in public safety installation. Please call 1-800-919-7442 for a quick, free consultation, or fill out our easy online form:

DAS Installation

There are two types of DAS Installations: Passive DAS and Active DAS. Passive DAS is a matter of setting up signal boosters and antenna arrays, and Active DAS involves carrier approval for uninterrupted cellular signal to be set up at your site. The differences extend to cost and deployment time - Active DAS can take months to a year to set up, and is much pricier to boot - but in this case, you get what you pay for. There is no more reliable system available than Active DAS.

Wilson Amplifiers offers complete Active and Passive DAS installations. Call 1-800-919-7442 for a quick, free consultation, or fill out our easy online form:

The 8-Step Process of Professional Installations

The Install Pro Team methodically follows internal standards of protocol without cutting corners for cellular repeater installations. This leads to compliance across the board per FCC rules as well as performance for clients. In the end, it's all about service & duty.

1. Site Survey

The most important step before installing any equipment is a thorough site survey. This is measuring cellular frequency & bands outside the building, locating cell towers, and also walking room to room to see which areas are potentially problem areas. Clients are asked in detail about their requests and other important factors.

2. Floor Plan Analysis

With building layout and floor plans in hand, an RF or certified signal boosting technician calculates potential signal coverage, dB gain & loss, best signal boosting equipment, cable runs, accessories needed, and other options.

3. Client Consultation

The Floor Plan Analysis is delivered to the client and discussed in detail about coverage expectations, products, and pricing. Options are provided and redesigns are possible to accommodate the client's preference. Once the client agrees to the plans and deposit is made, installation begins on a scheduled date.

Typically, an installation can last from as little as 1 to 3 days up to six weeks depending on the size and scope of the project.

Multiple solutions are provided, and redesigns are possible to accommodate client’s preference. Once client agrees to plans and pricing, installation begins.

4. Outside Antenna Installation

The outside antenna is installed on the roof. Outside antennas generally come in one of two types: yagi or omni-directional. The most important part here is to ensure that the incoming signal doesn't come in "too hot." This means that too much signal is coming in and thus creating overload for the amplifier.

Generally, this is a problem in urban areas. A good installer and integrator should be able to pre-judge and do any adjusting if that's the case.

Cable is run into the building. Again, a good installer and integrator should run cable in a neat and presentable way.

5. Amplifier Installation

The central amplification unit or amplifier is installed in an area where tech has easy access to service the booster. They are generally installed in the IT room for monitoring.

A short test confirms that the amplifier is boosting properly.

6. Broadcast Antenna Installation

The inside antennas are installed for best coverage. Inside antennas come in two types: dome & panel. Dome antennas are installed in ceilings, and have a wide general coverage area. Panel antennas are installed on walls and are used for priority areas and hallways.

Cable is run from the inside antennas to the amplifier.

7. Testing

Once everything is soft-installed, the installer or integrator will turn on the amplifier and do a full walk through with the Floor Plan Analysis, accounting for dB readings before and after the installation.

Data is recorded. Any hiccups or problems are addressed immediately.

After any fine-tuning, cleanup is done, and installation is finalized. The client is shown results and asked to do a live performance test, generally an internet speed test and dB reading test.

8. Post-Installation Support

Customer support follows up a few days to a week later to confirm that everything is working at 110% to the client's expectations.

A job well done on all sides.

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