The Very Best Method to Increase Your 4G LTE Data Speeds

Written by Wilson Amplifiers
28th Jun 2021

It’s All Connected: Improve Your Cell Signal, Improve Your 4G LTE Data

Are you tired of always looking at the cursed loading icon on your internet screen? Annoyed your videos and movies keep buffering? Frustrated that you’re paying for high-speed 4G LTE and feeling like your phone is operating at 2G or 3G speeds?

You’ve come to the right place.

At Wilson Amplifiers, we’re experts in improving cellular signals, which will increase your 4G LTE data speeds.

Keep reading to find out why you might be experiencing slow data speeds and how our signal boosters can help increase your internet speed and eliminate slow 4G LTE data for good.

We fix poor cell phone signal! Find the right signal booster for you:

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What does LTE Mean?

LTE, short for Long-Term Evolution, is a mobile standard for wireless communication, designed to achieve fast internet speeds - faster than 3G, but slower than 5G. It allows you to stream high-quality videos, browse the web, play games, send text messages, and so much more without needing a WiFi connection. How?

Data reaches your phone through WiFi or LTE. When no authorized WiFi is found, your phone powers its internet over an LTE network. In other words, when you’re using your GPS in your car or looking things up on your phone, it’s all done over LTE.

All major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, use LTE technology, but utilize different frequency bands.

What Causes Slow 4G LTE Data Speeds?

There are many factors that cause slow data speeds - some are carrier related, while others are caused by external factors.

Carrier related factors that cause slow data speeds:

  • Mobile Data Throttling – Carriers slow down your data speeds after you’ve surpassed the data cap disclosed in the fine print of your data plan.
  • Data Deprioritization – Carriers temporally slow down your data speeds and give priority to other users. Most commonly seen by people who subscribe to MVNO or pre-paid carriers, such as Cricket Wireless, Metro by T-Mobile, Straight Talk, etc.

External factors that cause slow data speeds:

  • Cell Tower Distance – The further you are from your carrier’s cell tower the weaker your cellular service is, which results in slow 4G LTE data speeds.
  • Building Material – Materials like, but not limited to, metal, low-e glass, concrete, brick, plaster, and insulation, are notorious for blocking radio frequency waves. If cellular signals can’t penetrate your home, you’re left with poor data speeds.
  • Mother Nature – Just like building materials, trees, hills, and valleys are known to block and reflect radio frequency waves, resulting in snail-like data speeds.

Why is My Phone So Slow?

Your phone being slow might have nothing to do with your data speeds. If you have general slowness on your phone, that may be solved by performing these actions:

  • Obtaining Latest Software Updates
  • Closing Extra Tabs and Apps
  • Deleting Some Apps
  • Clearing Your Browser's Cache
  • Performing a Factory Reset
  • Replacing Your Phone

However, the rest of this article will focus more on data speeds and improving those.

How Can I Make my Data Connection Faster?

You’ve probably come across different tips and tricks on how to increase your phone's internet speed for free and realized that those are only temporary fixes. The #1 solution to permanently improve your 4G LTE speeds in your house, vehicle, or office is a cell phone signal booster .

Cellular signal and data speeds work hand in hand. By strengthening the signal your phone receives, your LTE data speed drastically increases. A signal booster will boost your mobile data speeds, in addition to the benefits of faster texts and crystal-clear calls. Plus, cellular signals travel farther than WiFi, so if you lack a cable connection, this is a much cheaper, more reliable option for fast internet.

In addition, all of our signal boosters are 5G ready.

How Can a Signal Booster Improve my 4G LTE Data Speeds?

Cell signal boosters take your existing weak signal, amplifies it up to 32X, and broadcast the boosted 4G LTE signal throughout your home, car, or office. To do so, they are equipped with powerful components designed to bypass any material blocking the signal from penetrating your home or vehicle, as well as communicate with far distance towers for superior service and faster mobile data speeds.

As a result, you'll experience stronger LTE data and high-definition streaming without lagging or buffering to satisfy your connectivity needs.

Additional 4G LTE Signal Booster Benefits:

  • Better coverage: no need to be at a particular spot or do yoga poses to get signal
  • Faster data: boosts your 4G and LTE speeds so they are blazing fast
  • Improve cellular signal strength: reliable reception, no more dropped calls, repeating conversation, or static-sounding voices
  • Consistent service: faster internet, upload speeds, and download speeds
  • Works with all cellular devices: cellular hotspots, tablets, iPads, iPhones, Samsungs, and all other Android devices.
  • Compatible with all cellular carrier
  • Complete kits, easy to install
  • No monthly fees: runs entirely off cellular so no need for WiFi

Below are the top signal boosters for enhancing 4G LTE data speeds, divided by situation:

4G LTE Cellular Data Signal Boosters for Your Home

The Best 4G LTE Signal Booster for Home

weBoost Home MultiRoom - 470144
weBoost Home MultiRoom - 470144

Perfect for midsize homes with strong outside signal and small homes with weak outside signal.

Buy Now for $569.99
  • 5G ready booster
  • Covers up to 5,000 sq ft under best conditions
  • Complete coverage for multiple rooms or midsize home for all carriers across multiple devices
  • Outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna configuration, with stylish fabric front
  • Multiple accessories for maximum coverage and customization (sold separately)

The weBoost Home MultiRoom is designed to cover several rooms, an entire floor, or a whole midsize, one-story home with boosted cellular signal, which naturally increases 4G and LTE data speeds.

As its name suggests, you can expect multiple rooms of coverage with this unit, assuming decent outside signal. With flawless outside signal, you can expect up to 5,000 square feet of coverage, but most people get between 2,000-3,000 square feet of indoor coverage. If you live in a rural area with very weak outdoor signal, expect significantly reduced coverage. In fact, if you’re in an area with next to no signal, this is the lowest grade signal booster you should ever consider buying.

It features a nice, clean look, with an indoor antenna that won't stand out amid your existing home decor.

The weBoost Home MultiRoom boosts signal for all major North American carriers. Should you ever change carrier, the weBoost Home MultiRoom will still work.

If you live in an extremely weak signal area, or have a really big house you want to cover, consider its sister product, the weBoost Home Complete.

The Best Professionally Installed Signal Booster for Home

weBoost Installed Home Complete - 474445
weBoost Installed Home Complete - 474445

Whole-home coverage for large homes with strong outside signal or midsize homes with weak outside signal.

Buy Now for $1,499.99
  • Superior cell phone service for your entire home. 5G Ready
  • Up to 7,500 sq ft of coverage under best conditions
  • Up to +72 dB of gain, with 24 dBm uplink and 12 dBm downlink
  • Multiple accessories for maximum coverage and customization (sold separately)
  • Complete coverage for entire home for all carriers across multiple devices
  • Outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna, with stylish fabric front
  • Needs no WiFi connection or monthly fees. One time purchase.

Designed, as you might expect, to cover an entire home. The weBoost Installed Home Complete certainly has that power, fully capable of covering a large home with decent outside signal or a midsize home with weak outdoor signal.

Expect up to 7,500 square feet of coverage with flawless outside signal, but a more reasonable estimate would be somewhere between 3,500 and 5,500 square feet. Extremely weak signal areas may see less coverage. In addition, in order to really maximize your coverage and 4G LTE speeds, additional antennas are required, especially if you’re trying to cover more than one floor.

There are two major considerations on whether or not to buy the weBoost Installed Home Complete. This booster works best for large residential homes, suburban or rural areas, and more. The effective coverage area will vary depending on the strength of your OUTSIDE signal, so it's important to understand – if you’re expecting 7,500 square feet of coverage but have only one bar outside your home, you won’t get it. Realistic expectations of coverage in that scenario are more like 2,500-4,000 square feet.

The other major consideration is whether or not you’d prefer to install it yourself, or have someone do it for you.

weBoost Home Complete – 470145
weBoost Home Complete – 470145

DIY booster for large and midsize homes and offices.

Buy Now for $999.99

The weBoost Installed Home Complete is the only consumer booster currently on the market that allows for a complete, professional installation at no extra cost to you. Note that the installation is only available for residential buildings.

4G LTE Data Cellular Signal Boosters for Vehicles

The Most Powerful Multi-User Signal Booster for Vehicles

weBoost Drive Reach – 470154
weBoost Drive Reach – 470154

Excellent for drivers in remote and urban areas.

Buy Now for $499.99
  • 5G ready - Better talk, text, and data speeds guaranteed
  • Up to +50 dB of gain - the max allowed for a mobile signal booster in North America
  • Highest uplink output of any vehicle booster
  • Works for all phones and all carriers
  • Sleek, metallic exterior designed to displace excess heat for peak performance
  • Custom bracket for under seat or in-truck mounting options

The weBoost Drive Reach is the newest, most powerful vehicle booster from Wilson Electronics.

A slim outside antenna picks up the signal, and an indiscreet inside antenna (usually Velcroed to the driver seat) broadcasts the signal inside your vehicle. For optimal results, you have to be about an arm's length from the inside antenna to get the boosted signal, so it's best for your typical sedan, truck, or SUV, but will work for any vehicle.

This is the best vehicle booster no matter where you live. With its increased uplink power, it can reach cell towers that are 2x further for twice the signal strength, making it much more powerful than its competitors and a strong performer in rural areas. Plus, it does a great job at handling more noisy urban environments than other signal boosters.

Highly recommended for people wanting to improve their 4G LTE speeds on the road.

The Most Affordable Signal Booster for Vehicles

weBoost Drive Sleek - 470135
weBoost Drive Sleek - 470135

Best for urban and suburban driving.

Buy Now for $199.99
  • Boosts Voice, Text Messages, & Data. 5G Ready.
  • For a single smartphone
  • Cradle signal booster
  • Up to +23 dB gain
  • Compatible with all cellular devices across all carriers

The weBoost Drive Sleek is about price and performance for a single device.

The kit includes a magnet mount antenna that can be easily installed on the roof of any vehicle and an adjustable cradle vent mount designed to hold any size smartphone or small tablet.

To benefit from the boosted signal, your cellular device has to be in the cradle. And when paired with a Bluetooth headset, it really shines for regular talk, text, and hands-free navigation.

It’s not the strongest performer in extremely remote locations. For those extreme cases, consider the Drive Reach.

4G LTE Cellular Signal Booster for Commercial Buildings

Professional Signal Booster for Businesses

weBoost Office 100
weBoost Office 100 – 472060/473060

Perfect for small business spaces or large homes. .

Buy Now for $1,299.99
  • 5G Capable
  • Up to 25,000 sq ft of coverage
  • Up to +72 dB gain
  • Up to 24 dBm uplink & 12 dBm downlink
  • Works with all cellular devices across all carriers
  • Available in 50 Ohm and 75 Ohm variants

The weBoost Office 100 is a phenomenal signal booster for small businesses, guaranteed to significantly increase 4G LTE coverage for all carriers inside your office. As a result, work productivity will significantly increase, and LTE data related frustrations will decrease. But don’t let the name fool you, it’s also a great option for enhancing LTE reception in large homes.

With boosted 4G LTE, everybody in your office or home will be able to finally enjoy faster streaming, seamless virtual meetings without freezing, uninterrupted text messages, quicker file transfers, fewer dropped calls, and so much more.

If your office’s building material is blocking incoming signal, or your home is receiving below average LTE reception, the Office 100 can deliver stronger LTE and cover up to 25,000 sq ft (with multiple indoor antennas) under perfect conditions. Weaker signal areas, however, will most likely get about 5,000 to 10,000 sq ft. To improve and maximize coverage in extremely poor signal areas, consider upgrading the included omni antennas to directional antennas.

Overall, the Office 100 is ideal for small businesses and large homes needing quality LTE signal throughout.

Alternative 4G LTE Boosting Methods

As mentioned earlier, there are a variety of different tips and tricks on how to boost your 4G LTE data speeds. However, they are not as effective as a cell phone booster.

Restart your Device

The oldest trick in the book. More often than not, restarting your cellular device fixes slow data issues by shutting down data-intensive programs running in the background that you are unaware of.

Turn Off WiFi Setting

When your device is connected to a WiFi network it will remain connected, even if there's a strong cellular connection, until your device is 100% out of your WiFi router's range, making your internet connection appear excruciatingly slow. Similarly, when your device detects an available network nearby, it will attempt to connect to the network before using your cellular data, draining your battery life in the process. It’s best to turn off your WiFi setting when you’re not home or prevent your device from automatically connecting to free WiFi networks.

Apple: Settings -> WiFi -> Toggle switch to turn off

Android: Settings -> Connections -> WiFi -> Toggle switch to turn off

Disable Data Saver or Low Data Mode

This feature decrease data usage to prevent you from exceeding your cellular service provider's data cap. While it's helpful for those who don't have unlimited plans, it can make browsing the web and downloading apps difficult.

Apple: Settings -> Cellular -> Cellular Data Options -> Tap Low Data Mode to turn off

Android: Settings -> Connections -> Data Usage -> Data Saver -> Tap to turn off

Close Out Apps You’re Not Using

Similar to how a computer slows down when you have too many web pages open, having multiple background apps running decreases bandwidth availability.

Apple: From the Home Screen -> Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and pause in the middle of the screen -> Swipe up on the apps you want to close or tap close all

Android: Open recent application menu (will vary between devices) -> tap the "X" or swipe up to close specific apps or tap close all

Update your Device

The purpose of a software update is to improve performance. Slow internet could simply be caused by an outdated operating system.

IOS: Settings -> General -> Software update

Android OS: Settings -> Software Updates -> Check for Updates -> Update if software update is available

Clear Out Internet Cache

Storing cache makes your internet browsing experience faster and enjoyable. However, if your device has too much cache data stored, it’ll start affecting your internet speed.

Apple: Settings -> Tap Safari -> Tap Clear History and Website Data -> Tap Clear History and Website Data on the pop-up to confirm

Android: Settings -> Storage -> Other Apps -> Tap the web browser that needs cleaning -> Tap Clear Cache

Reset Network Settings

This trick often fixes data issues, but most people use it as a last resort because your device will forget every cellular network, WiFi network, and Bluetooth device it has been connected to. Once the reset is complete, your device will reconnect to the nearest tower and your data speeds should improve. If you don’t want your device to forget every network, try removing the SIM card for a few seconds or toggle the airplane mode setting instead.

Apple: Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network Settings

Android: Settings -> General Management or Systems -> Reset or Reset Options -> Reset Network Settings -> Confirm your action

If all else fails, a signal booster is the way to go.

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