10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Cell Signal for Free

10 Easy Ways to Boost Your Cell Signal for Free

Alex Baker
Written by Alex Baker
2nd Mar 2022

There are times when a few small, simple fixes can improve your cell service. A cell phone signal booster is not always needed to get a better signal. Try some of these free, easy fixes to see if they help. If you've ever wondered: "How Can I Boost my Cell Signal for Free?" this is the article for you.

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1. Use WiFi Calling

If cellular is difficult, try WiFi. If you find your internet connection is steady, but your cell service is in-and-out, turn on WiFi calling. This is not a good long-term solution if many people in your home rely on WiFi for calls, work, or fun. Using WiFi calling can hog a lot of bandwidth on your network.

2.Ensure the Software on Your Phone is Up to Date

It can be a pain to update your phone, especially with bad service. However, this can lead to bad results. Bug fixes, new calling methods, data improvements, and more are included in these updates. If your cell tower is synched to a certain software, your phone not having an old version will lead to a weaker connection.

3. Keep Your Phone Charged

Trying to make calls with a low battery on a weak network puts stress on your phone. When the phone tries to connect to the nearest cell tower, it sucks up power from the battery. Keep your phone charged as much as possible. You’ll have fewer dropped calls and missed texts.

4. Remove Obstructions

Better signal may be a tree-trimming or spring cleaning away. Trees and building material are two of the major causes for bad cell service. Going outside and cutting the branches on those trees out back or in front can do wonders for your signal. If you work in a building with lots of metal, or thick, low-E glass, moving them out of the way can help. Even opening a window can make a huge difference to the quality of your cell signal.

5. Check for Damage to Your Phone

Most of us have dropped our phones at some point. If you have a decent case, you may never see any damage. But not all damage is visible. Potential damage can reduce the quality of signal your cell phone receives by a significant amount. Take off your phone case and look for damage around the corners. If you see any, schedule a free appointment with your carrier or phone manufacturer. They can run a diagnostic to ensure all hardware is working properly. If it isn’t, your phone can often be replaced under warranty.

6. Hold Your Phone in a Different Way

This sounds dumb, we know. But hear us out. Remember how old cell phones had silly extendable antennas? Those antennas still exist, but for aesthetic reasons they are placed inside the phone. This can have an unfortunate effect on your cell signal when you cover it accidentally. Locate your phone antenna, and make sure you are not in the habit of blocking it when you hold the phone.

7. Wait Awhile

Now we get to the less pleasant fixes for weak cell signal. If you’re trying to make calls or send texts at certain times of day, you may find drops more frequent. This is because the cell tower is overloaded. Unfortunately, you can only wait until the towers are less overloaded. If you live in a rural area where your single tower is always overloaded, consider changing carriers.

8. Try to Find a Femtocell

The major US carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, sometimes offer a device called a femtocell, also referred to as microcells or network extenders. Femtocells create small cellular base stations in your home. It is a bit like an internet modem, but for cellular signal. These were available for a monthly fee, and provided their carriers signal in a home. They can be challenging to acquire and are not free.

9. Upgrade Your Phone

Phone technology rapidly changes. If you are still hanging on to a five or ten-year-old model, the phone you’re using may be giving you a bad signal. Old technology can prevent your phone from keeping up with the signals and frequencies newer cell towers are putting out. Getting an upgrade may not be free, but if you fall into this camp, it is your best bet. Remember, all the major US carriers have recently shut down their 3G networks. These upgrades may be mandatory for you.

10. Change Carriers

Another change you may need to consider is changing carriers. Not all carriers are created equal. Some carriers have better coverage in certain areas than others. We recommend finding your nearest cell tower to see which carrier best serves your area, then making the tough decision then.

None of These Methods Help?

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