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Cell Phone Booster for Home: The Best Ones At Every Price Level

cell phone booster for home

The Problem:

Another dropped call. Internet crawling like Monday morning traffic. Text messages not sending. Emails not loading. "You're breaking up on me, could you repeat that again?" 

Is this really the 21st century?

The good news is that 3G & 4G LTE speeds are catching up to landline internet speeds. Emails. YouTube. Facebook. There's hardly any difference when using solid wifi or cellular signals. By the time 5G hits, we should expect no difference between T-Mobile's service and Time Warner Cable's.

But the bad news?

Just two: distance from cell tower and building material.

Unlimited 3G & 4G plans are great for consumption and amazingly fast, but only if you're getting some kind of signal. And it's no secret that the farther you are from the cell tower, the less powerful the signal becomes. But even then if you are fortunate to be living right next to a cell tower, it doesn't guarantee great signal, because building material can block it from coming in.

A cell signal starts out strong from the cell tower. But it has to charge through and deal with outside interference (trees, hills, mountains, and tall structures). Then it has squeeze through building material such as thick concrete and brick, metal, glass, radiant barrier, and other conductive material (electrical or magnetic). 

By the time it reaches to your cell phone, the signal is much weaker. This leads to low bars and spotty service.

The Solution:

That's why getting a cell phone booster for your home is a very good investment.

It reaches to the outside signal, pulls it into the home and bypasses all the obstructions and interference, then amplifies the signal multiple times up to 32X and then rebroadcasts the powerful signal to an area in need inside your home. 

Reliable connection. Crystal clear voice. Faster internet. Signal when you need it most.

And when it comes to home cell phone signal boosters, nothing beats weBoost. For over 10+ years, weBoost has been the leading manufacturer of residential signal boosters.

All weBoost cell phone boosters work on ALL PHONES that use 2G, 3G, and 4G technology and work with ALL CARRIERS (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, etc.)

Whether you're in a remote rural area or the big city, our recommended cell phone boosters for home get the job done. They'll extend your network signal with low-cost options for 1-2 rooms up to commercial coverage (25,000 sq ft) depending on your model and outside signal.

Below are our recommended home signal boosters ranging from good, better, and best. And if you have any questions, Wilson Amplifiers is here to help you. Free consultation (ask us anything) with our US-based customer support (sales@wilsonamplfiers.com). 

All boosters come with free shipping, 30 Day risk-free test drive, 2-year manufacturer's warranty. 

Read real reviews from our customers about our service and products. And our pursuit of better signal & helping people get more bars & connection landed us on the Inc 5000 Fastest Growing Companies List in 2015.

Completely new to signal boosters? See our  Definitive Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters.

Cell Phone Booster For Home

1. Wilson weBoost Home 4G 470101 

(Coverage 150 to 1,500 sq ft: 1-2 Rooms)

weBoost Home 4G 470101

Entry-level and the cheapest 4G cell phone signal booster. Depending on the outside signal, you may get from 150 to 1,500 sq ft of coverage. It's more realistic to say this is a great desktop booster. Perfect for single office, home office (SOHO) and small areas like cabins and apartments.

Overview of the weBoost Home 4G:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • From 150 to 1,500 sq ft coverage (desktop to 1-2 rooms)
  • Up to +60 dB Gain
  • $399.99

2. Wilson weBoost Connect 4G 470103

(Coverage 1,000 to 5,000 sq ft: Whole Home)

weBoost Connect 4G 470103

The most popular cell phone booster. Depending on the outside signal from 1,000 to 5,000 sq ft coverage. Great option for most homes, small offices, farm houses, and buildings under 5,000 sq ft wide. If your signal is average or mediocre, this would be the first model to look at. 

Overview of the weBoost Connect 4G:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • From 1,000 to 5,000 sq ft coverage (multi-room to whole home)
  • Up to +65 dB Gain
  • $549.99

3. Wilson weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104

(Coverage 2,000 to 7,500 sq ft: Large Home)

weBoost Connect 4G-X 471104

This is absolutely the most powerful 3G & 4G home cell phone booster. Coverage & service ranges from 2,000 sq ft up to 7,500 sq ft. If you have extremely poor or marginal signal in a remote area, this would be our top recommendation.

Overview of the weBoost Connect 4G-X:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • From 2,000 to 7,500 sq ft coverage (small home to large home or small building)
  • Up to +70 dB Gain
  • $899.99

Cell Phone Booster For Large Homes & Buildings

7. Wilson Pro 70 (465134)

(Coverage up to 25,000 sq ft)

wilson pro 70

Commercial cell phone signal booster. Up to 25,000 sq ft of coverage. Best for rural areas or needing large coverage. Has adjustable controls for precise controls for each 5-band frequency. Compared to the competition, WilsonPro provides 5x the coverage area. Highest uplink and downlink power avaliable. 

Overview of the Wilson Pro 70:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • Up to 25,000 sq ft coverage (multi-story office building)
  • Supports 100+ devices simultaneously 
  • Up to +72 dB Gain
  • $1399.99

8. Wilson Pro 70 Plus (463127)

(Coverage up to 50,000 sq ft)

wilson pro 70 plus

The most powerful enterprise-level cell phone signal booster. Up to 50,000 sq ft of coverage. Best for the city or urban areas. Has adjustable controls for precise controls for each 5-band frequency. Built-in-signal meter for accurate dB readings. In strong signal areas, is capable of an additional +12 dB boost. 

Overview of the Wilson Pro 70:

  • Boosts Talk, Text, Internet, 3G & 4G LTE Data
  • Up to 25,000 sq ft coverage (multi-story office building)
  • Supports 100+ devices simultaneously
  • Up to +72 dB Gain
  • $1399.99

Find more information about  cell phone signal boosters for home and cell phone signal boosters for cars.

For best results, email us today ( sales@wilsonamplifiers.com) and explain your situation and a certified signal booster expert will figure out the best options to help you. Or call us 1-800-568-2723 and listen to our sweet Texan accent.

And if you'd like to read more information about cell phone antenna repeaters check out our  Definitive Guide.

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