Which Type of Smartphone Gets the Best Reception? | WilsonAmplifiers

Which Type of Smartphone Gets the Best Reception? | WilsonAmplifiers

Written by Alex Baker
9th Sep 2020

Is it True that Android Phones get Better Reception than iPhones?

We’ve taken our fair share of deep dives into what makes cell phone reception go bad, how you can improve your signal, and which carrier has the best coverage in your area. But what about your smartphone itself? Do different brands get different signals? And which type of smartphone gets the best reception?

The answer is surprising, but perhaps to be taken with a grain of salt. According to PCMag, Samsung Galaxy phones continue to win in speed tests against iPhones. Can it be true? Do Android phones get better reception than iPhones? Depending on your exact device and signal strength, yes, Android phones have faster cell speeds than iPhone.

The study mentioned above concludes that the LG V40 is the best performer overall, and that Qualcomm phones maintain their fastest speeds longer and manage to work faster than Intel-powered iPhones in very low-signal conditions.

Due to Qualcomm’s LTE-Advanced technology, and Apple’s hesitancy to roll out new technology the second it becomes available, Android phones are continually pulling ahead in the reception race. So, does this mean it’s time to toss out our iPhones and worship at the shrine of Android reception? Well, that depends on how much speed you really need.

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Should I Switch to an Android Phone?

For most smartphone users with a decent signal, the discrepancy in speed is not terribly noticeable. If you’re a heavy gamer with dreams of VR, then yes, it might be in your best interest to look into the Android game. But for casual phone owners looking to talk, text, stream a little, and check in to social media here and there, it’s still fine to choose your phone based on a variety of factors.

And nine times out of ten, if you’re experiencing sluggish service, it’s probably not your phone that’s to blame—unless, of course, you’re still clinging to a model that’s more than five years old. Newer phones are equipped with the latest and greatest technology, so go for the upgrade if you need more speed.

Is My Phone Slowing Down My Cell Service?

First things first, you need to rule out the signal-busting factors that might be interfering with your signal. If it’s not natural phenomena, building materials, or congestion, you may just be too far away from your nearest tower. You can locate your nearest cell tower using our handy guide. And, like we mentioned above, if your signal is weak (try measuring using decibels instead of bars), Android reception does tend to hang on a little longer.

No matter how powerful your Android phone or iPhone may be, if the signal strength isn’t there to begin with, your speed won’t matter.

Should I Switch to a Different Cell Phone Service Provider?

Carrier coverage varies across the country, so it’s smart to do a little research using coverage maps before you place all the blame on your iPhone or Android. You can have the fastest phone on the planet, but without a strong signal, your lightning-fast devices can’t reach their top speeds.

So How Do I Make the Most of My Cell Phone Signal?

Regardless of your device and carrier, a cell phone signal booster from Wilson Amplifiers can get you the speed you need, everywhere you go. Our industry-leading selection of signal boosters can capture the nearest cell phone signal, amplify it, then broadcast the newly boosted signal back to your 4G/LTE smartphones and devices.

Available for boats, buildings, and vehicles, there is a signal booster for every adventure. iPhone reception? Android reception? Cell phone signal boosters make it easy to stay connected—at top-of-the-line speeds.

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