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12th Nov 2013 /
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Wireless 4G Boosters for Your High Speed Data Needs

The future of data on cellular networks is 4G. Currently, all major cellular providers within North America are in the process of building their 4G networks. While there are different 4G technologies, the one which has been adopted by carriers is LTE (or long-term evolution). This 4G data technology can provide speeds which are upwards of ten times faster than what is currently available on 3G. The data speeds from these 4G networks are faster than what is found on many home connections. As a result, it is a must-have for internet-heavy cellular users. Since this new technology is still in the early stages and still being built out, getting signal strength is not easy for everybody in a 4G market. Luckily for users who live in a 4G market, have a 4G plan but are unable to obtain a strong 4G signal, Wilson Electronics has created cellular signal boosting solutions for both the building setting as well as the vehicle setting.

When it comes to in-building solutions for the exciting new technology of 4G, Wilson Electronics offers many highly powerful solutions, most which are able to improve the signal for 4G as well as 2G/3G (for the majority of cellular networks within North America) allowing for them to provide for clearer calls along with faster data speeds. All of them include adjustable gain allowing a user to control the amount of signal gain to improve for each band, one of the solutions available is selectable meaning it allows for the user to manually switch between Verizon's 4G LTE network and AT&T's 4G LTE network (as both utilize different blocks within the 700MHz frequency). All building cellular boosting amplifiers require the purchase of an outside antenna to pull the signal, an inside antenna to broadcast the signal and wires to connect all of these components together. While I will be discussing individual amplifiers, fully plug-and-play kits are available.

The AG Pro-Quint (461104) is the most versatile and powerful 4G LTE cellular signal boosting solution available. This product is capable of boosting the 4G LTE cellular signal for all networks within North American simultaneously along with 2G/3G for all North American networks (except for those which utilize iDEN technology). This cellular signal booster can provide up to 75dB gain making it the most powerful cellular signal boosting solution by Wilson Electronics. This cellular signal boosting solution can work to improve the cellular signal of a very large home or office building.

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