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Safety & Legality of Amplifiers

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) just confirmed that cellular signal boosters are perfectly safe, secure and legal to own and use as long as technical requirements are met.  

User safety requirements cover health concerns affected by booster hardware, booster installation, and booster operation. Booster hardware encompasses high quality solutions which work as advertised and specified. One example is that the product provides for the amount of gain which it is designed to. Furthermore, it also means hardware which transmits a safe level of radiation as specified by the FCC. In terms of booster installation, safety encompasses all aspects of ensuring that the product is installed correctly and securely. Safety related to booster operation relates to how the user uses the cellular signal boosting solution. This includes using an unmodified product as it is intended to with components that it is intended to work with.

Security applies to keeping the towers belonging to cellular providers and other electronic devices which utilize a radio frequency (RF) undamaged. The power of boosters can lead to an excessively boosted and uncontrolled signals can damage delicate cellular tower antennas or other RF devices. High quality boosters have automatic shutdown feature to prevent such undesired damage. Advanced boosters have the adjustable gain feature enabling on-demand control. Attenuators, cable configurations and antenna placement can also control excessive power. These hardware capabilities allow consumers to tailor system to their specific reception issue. Proper installation also reduces risk of undesirable infrastructure and equipment damage.

The legal aspect of signal boosters relates to the signal booster users’ financial liability for damaging cellular infrastructure and devices. This FCC creates a legal framework designed to enable safe and secure usage of cellular boosting technology. Because of this FCC ruling, signal boosting providers and carriers will collaborate on the common goal of improving cellular signal quality.

Wilson Electronics’ devices already address many of the proposed requirements and offer viable solutions to improve cellular reception. All Wilson products are safe to use for consumers in terms of radiation if operated as intended. Also, all Wilson amplifiers include an automatic shutoff safeguard preventing cellular tower damage. Certified Wilson installers are available to assist with more complex building, vehicle and M2M installations.

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