29th Apr 2013 /
by Wilson Amplifiers / Comments

RVs & Mobile Homes

Recreational Vehicle (RV) solutions are applicable to RVs, campers, and mobile homes. RVs are special types of vehicles because of their large size and often remote utilization thus requiring more powerful systems. Consider pre-built RV Kits, custom RV kits, and standard car options. Pre-built kits are complete solutions for most RV applications. Custom RV kits allow you to tailor each system component to your specific needs. Standard car solutions are more affordable but provide less power and coverage.

Two Pre-Built RV Kits are the 801245-T and the 801201-T. These two wireless kits work with major of North American 3G/EDGE networks (except iDEN, WiMax). Both kits use the heavy-duty, spring-mounted trucker antenna (301133) with a chrome plated aluminum 3-way mirror mount (901104). Some modifications to the mirror mount designed for large trucks may be required. The 801245-T is capable of providing a cellular signal boost for a small to medium sized building or residential home. The amplifier in this kit is the AG SOHO 60 amplifier (801245). It also includes the powerful panel interior antenna (301135) which is designed to be mounted onto a wall making it easy to install in an RV. The other kit is the 801201-T which is designed for a small area or smaller RV. It includes the Mobile Wireless amplifier (801201) which is designed for vehicles and a low-profile interior antenna (301127) which transmits the boosted signal at a range of 3 to 8 feet.

Custom RV Kits are purchasing specific components to put together to build a signal boosting solutions. This is for users who have very specific needs. The recommended amplifiers for an RV kit are the SOHO 60 and Mobile Wireless amplifiers described above. Consider the following RV antenna choices. Exterior RV antennas include recommended spring-mount trucker antenna (301133) and roof-mount trucker antenna (301119). Spring-mount trucker antenna requires the 3-way mount (901104) which can be directly screwed into RV side wall or attached to any vertical/horizontal rod. Also consider the NMO trucker antenna (301112), the 12-inch NMO antenna (301104), and the 12-inch magnet mount antenna (301103). NMO mounts required for all NMO antennas include 3/4-inch hole NMO mount (901102) or 3/8-inch hole NMO mount (901103). NMO mounts come with a 14-foot RG-58 cable with FME-Female connector. Interior RV antennas include the wide-band, wall-mounted panel antenna (301135) for larger coverage area and the dual-band, low-profile, adhesive velcro-mounted antenna (301127, aka “Hershey Bar”) for smaller coverage areas. The panel antenna utilizes an N-Female connector while the Hershey Bar antenna utilizes an FME-Female connector and includes a 14-foot RG-174 cable.

Standard car solutions, which are more affordable but less powerful, can also be used in RVs. Consider the following multi-user, wireless and single-user wired/cradle car solutions.

Wireless car solutions include the Mobile Wireless kit and the MobilePro kits. These amplifiers boost all North American 3G/EDGE signals (excluding WiMax, iDEN).  The Mobile Wireless kit (801212) comes with Hershey Bar antenna (301127) and 12-inch magnet mount exterior antenna (301103). The MobilePro comes in two complete pre-built kits (801241 and 801242) and one customizable kit (801240) with your choice of trucker or car antenna. The 801240 will directly connect to 4-inch magnet-mount SMA-Male antenna (301126) and 12-inch magnet-mount SMA-Male antenna (301125) or any other car/trucker antenna with the use of FME-Male/SMA-Male connector (971119).  The 801241 kit comes with a 12-inch magnet-mount antenna (301125). The 801242 kit comes with a 4-inch magnet-mount antenna (301126). The MobilePro is unique because it integrates Hershey Bar antenna inside the amplifier unit for a compact and attractive design.

Wired/cradle car solutions include the SignalBoost and the Sleek amplifiers. They work with all North American 3G/EDGE providers (excluding iDEN, WiMax). The SignalBoost amplifier comes in two complete kits (811211, 811214) and one customizable kit (811210) with a choice of exterior antenna. The 811211 comes with 4-inch magnet-mount antenna (301113) and ultra-slim velcro antenna (301143). The 811214 comes with 12-inch magnet-mount antenna (301103) and Cradle Plus (301146). The ultra-slim antenna attaches to the back of your phone with adhesive velcro strip. An alternative to the ultra-slim antenna is the universal phone adapter (301140) which attaches to the back of the device using a much shorter velcro strip. Both of these include a 7.5-foot RG-174 cable with FME-Female connector. The Cradle Plus is a cradle integrates the ultra-slim antenna into a cell phone cradle. The Sleek amplifiers include 3G and 4G options. The Sleek amplifier unit combines an amplifier inside with the Cradle Plus antenna into an integrated cradle solution. It will directly accept 4-inch magnet-mount SMA-Male antenna (301126) and 12-inch magnet-mount SMA-Male antenna (301125) or any other car/trucker antenna with the use of FME-Male/SMA-Male connector (971119). Sleeks include two complete pre-built kits and one customizable kit for selecting exterior antenna (except Sleek 4G-C which  only comes with two pre-built kits). These include Sleek 4G (813425, 813426, 813426-H) for all major 4G LTE and 3G North America networks Sleek 4G-V (815125, 815126, 815126-H) for Verizon 4G LTE and all 3G, Sleek 4G-A (815325, 815326, 815326-H) for AT&T 4G LTE and all 3G, Sleek 4G-C (812726F, 812726F-H) for Rogers/Telus/Bell 4G LTE and all 3G, and Sleek (815225, 815226, 815226-H) for all 3G.