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18th Feb 2014 /
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Making better cellular communications in and around homes and commercial facilities

Can you boost your Cell Phone signal?

There is nothing more frustrating that a cell phone that doesn’t work as it is supposed to. No the plethora of dropped calls isn’t due to any fault in the hardware. Your expensive device works just the way that it is meant to. So why do you constantly have to resort to your old fashioned landline to call your associates or tell your husband to pick up the groceries on his way back from work? And this is exactly why some users take the smart approach and install signal boosters.

Spotty signals are a commonality from the dawn of the cell phone age. Of course, the demand is becoming more widespread with more homeowners abandoning landlines. In fact, according to a survey released by the National Center of Health Statistics, more than 25% of homes in the country owned wireless phones in the first half of 2010. The percentage is up to 2.1% from the second half of 2009.

You aren’t getting any signals. But you paid an arm and a leg for your coverage and it should work you say? Remember, it doesn’t matter if your cell phone provider is the best thing since sliced bread. However, it will be worth nothing if it can’t get signals to subscribers.

This is not to say that there is anything wrong with your cell phone service provider. So without further ado, let’s see how you can solve your problem.

Improving Cell phone Signal Strength in a Concrete Building

Cell phone signals inside a concrete building are less than optimal, a fact that can cripple a business that stays in touch with employees overseas. The thick dense walls of a concrete structure might make the buildings sturdy but it can’t help a cell phone signal get stronger.

High-rise Buildings

The problem is even more of a conundrum in high-rise buildings. Why? Telephone carriers install their towers on the roofs of lower buildings. The towers are placed so in order to make it possible for cell signals to reach people on the sidewalk. The carriers hadn’t anticipated the demand for cell phone access on taller buildings until recently so it isn’t surprising why the problem is common.

In-built wireless networks are common in office towers; however, residential landlords are reluctant to install the technology. This is exactly why most business owners resort to antenna signal boosters to amplify cell phone signals throughout their work space. Such a mechanism is composed of a system that extends strong cell signal and passes it to a cell phone signal amplifier through a cable.

The amplifier then “boosts” the strength of the signal before sending it through another cable to a different antenna. The antenna is located in a dead zone or an area in the home or office that usually doesn’t receive cell phone signals.

How to make the most of your Cell phone Amplifier?

The system might seem complicated but it isn’t. A signal booster is designed to make it easier to operate no matter who is responsible for ensuring that it works as it is supposed to. Of course, you also need to know what an amplifier might not be able to solve. Remember, a signal amplifier is not designed to produce signals. As the name implies, it can only amplify the weak signals from your cell phone service provider. If the signal you receive keeps getting cut off completely, your signal booster will have nothing left to amplify.

It is also best that you check the type of coverage you have for whatever signal you try to boost before your purchase your amplifier. Your cell phone signal booster will not work for you if you try to boost a signal that does not exist. You might have bought the latest phone from a brand to boost your local 4G signal; however since 4G signals are still relatively new which is why there is not much coverage for it.

In short, the existing signal that you receive must be at least two bars worth on your cell phone. Your cell phone booster will not be able to pick up the signal and amplify it otherwise. Once you accomplish that the rest should come easy.

Your Entire Home

Sometimes a home is constructed out of materials that might hinder or restrict cell phone signals from penetrating the interior. You might get a strong signal outside but a weaker one inside. You will need a cell phone booster that is designed to cover your entire home. This includes the rooms that normally get a weak reception as compared to other areas in a home.

The model of the indoor amplifier you use will depend on the square footage of the area that needs to be covered as well as the strength of the signal where you plan to mount the antenna. Of course, the type of model you opt for will also depend on whether the members of your household subscribe to a single cell phone service provider or several.

A Wilson Amplifier is just what you Need

If you want the best amplifier in the market, then one from Wilson Electronics will be just up your alley. The distributor only offers genuine, FCC approved, US made and fully warranted equipment. They offer fast shipping and the lowest prices on their high quality products. All of their signal boosters are designed with consumers in mind which is also why they are easy to install.

Signal amplifiers that are designed for larger structures such as tall office buildings or warehouses are significantly stronger. Contact Wilson Amplifiers and choose one that suits your situation best. One of our professional and knowledgeable staff members will be on hand to analyze your particular situation and help you choose a device that will give you the best value for your money. 

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