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Signal Booster Accessories - Mounts
3rd Jan 2019 /
by Alex B / Comments

Signal Booster Accessories - Mounts

signal booster antenna mounts

Welcome to the fourth in our series on Signal Booster Accessories! This time we’ll be covering mounts - a necessary buy if you plan on installing your antenna on a rooftop or window and don’t have a chimney or other pole in just the right place. Let’s get started.

A Place to Live

The reason for a mount doesn’t need much explanation: it’s where you put your indoor or outdoor antennas. Since there are dozens of potential configurations, mounts are designed to be diverse and fit most applications. However, there do exist specialized mounts, so it can be somewhat tricky to figure out what mount is right for you. Fortunately, we’re here to help.

The Goldilocks
pole mount

Product: Pole Mount

Usage: Roof

Compatible Signal Boosters:

The Pole Mounting Assembly is the bread-and-butter mount for home or commercial signal booster antennas, primarily being used to set up omni-directional and yagi antennas. If you have any concerns about placing your antenna in the optimal location, this mount is for you.

The Window
wall mount

Product: Window Mount

Usage: Inside window

Compatible Signal Boosters:

The window mount is bundled with the weBoost Home 4G, and is used to place an outdoor panel antenna on the inside of a window. Extremely easy to install, but will never have quite as strong signal as installing an antenna outdoors or higher up on a roof. A good choice for those who don’t feel comfortable climbing on a roof and are ok with not having quite as good a boosted signal. They are also used for stationary RVs, and intended to be placed outside for them.

The Big Rig
trucker mount

Product: Fixed mount kit, Spring mount kit

Usage: Truck

Compatible Signal Boosters:

Specially designed for trucks, the devil is in the details when it comes to choosing a mount. These will typically be either a spring mount, which can handle a low clearance impact, or a fixed mount, which cannot.

The Sailor
marine mount

Product: Marine Antenna Mount

Usage: Sailboat or Yacht

Compatible Signal Boosters:

Included with the Drive 4G-X Marine Essentials kit, this mount is designed to be placed near the cabin of your sailboat or yacht to get an antenna mounted to improve signal in your boat’s cabin. There’s not a ton to say about this one other than: if you have a boat and want a signal booster, this mount is for you.

There are a few other mounts, mostly dealing with indoor antennas, but they are pretty self-explanatory and always are kitted with the appropriate antenna. Hopefully, this helps you understand what mounts are available and make a decision about which is best for you!

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