How to Find Cell Tower Locations

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Watch the Video: How to Find Your Cell Carrier’s Nearest Tower

When you know the cell tower location, you know which direction to point the antenna for optimum booster performance and maximum indoor signal coverage.

This video will give you a brief overview of various methods and techniques you can use to find the location of your carrier's nearest cell tower.

Tools & Resources to Help You Find The Nearest Cell Tower

Before you search for cell tower maps and locations, make sure your area is part of your carrier's coverage map. Go to your Carrier's Coverage Map page and enter your address or zip code. For all other carriers, we suggest contacting the carrier directly.

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Tools & Resources We Recommend:

Smartphone Apps
dB Signal Reading
Using a Signal Meter
Smartphone Apps
Best of the Bunch
OpenSignal App OpenSignal

This mobile app will help you see which Mobile Operator offers the best service in any location with a single click and view our independent coverage maps, which show you the true coverage that each Operator offers.

Video: Using Open Signal App

Best of the Bunch


OpenSignal is the leading source of insight into the coverage and performance of Mobile Operators worldwide. The site is offering unbiased coverage maps and empowering people with the information and tools they need to get better mobile connectivity in a hassle free way.


Cell Reception is a free online tool that helps you find the best coverage and carrier in your area.

dB Signal Reading
Highly Recommended Method

Use Your Smartphone's Antenna to Find Your Cell Tower Location

Cell phone signal strength is measured in dB (decibels). Typically, -50 dB represents great signal (full bars) and -110 dB is virtually no signal (dead zone).

Cell phone signal boosters improve your coverage by amplifying signals and improving the dB gain of your cell phone. All our cell phone signal boosters have a listed dB value for better comparison.

Video: How to Access dB on iPhone    

This short video shows you how you can access dB signal on your iPhone.

Video: How to Access dB on Android    

This short video shows you how you can access dB signal on your Android.

Once you have access to dB reading, walk around the perimeter of your home. The closer the number gets to -50 dB, then you’ll know which areas of your home have the better reception.

Anything higher than a -110 dB means you’re technically in a dead zone. If your signal is teetering on the edge (-100 to -105 dB), then this means a cell phone signal booster can definitely improve your signal!

Using a Signal Meter

Use a Signal Meter to Find Your Cell Tower Location

While using your phone in dB mode is generally a good way to find signal for most people, if you're an installer, contractor, or pro who really wants to be accurate, then getting a signal meter is a no-brainer.

It's a handheld device that pinpoints all 3G & 4G frequencies & bands, displays signal strength in dB, and accurately gives cell tower direction within a 45 to 90-degree spread. A bit costly but worthwhile investment for professional telecom users.

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